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Elden Ring has to collect a fair share of paintings throughout the experience, and it may indeed be worthwhile to find them all while traveling through the world and fighting against all offered bosses while rising with runes. Such a painting that you can find early in the game is the “Homing Instinct” painting, and this guideline article informs you about the location of the Homing Instinct Painting eldenring What makes it easy for your character.

Elden Ring Homing Instinct Painting Guide

Homing Instinct Malort in the Elden Ring

The Homing Instinct Painting is located in ‘Limgrave’ and in the ‘Artist’s Shack’. Just search the waypoint ‘Ruinenkeller’, place of grace, and then go along the path that leads to the east. You will then come across the “K├╝nstlersh├╝tte” and the painting can be found on the easel in the building.

After you have the painting, you should note that you can find the associated treasure. You must find the spirit of a painter and this spirit is located in the ‘dragon-burned ruins’ specifically on the southwest side of it. There will be a spirit of a painter and you just have to go to his closeness when you have received the painting. Then you will receive a helmet as the object and reward, which is the “Golden Skarab Head”.

The mana is reduced, which is required to use the faith magic, which is an excellent helmet for those who prefer to use magic in experience.

Some players can be inspired to find the paintings to read the traditions of the subject, since with each object in Elyden Ring normally a deeper meaning behind it. Whether it is a weapon like the ‘two-two others’ or others. Another great object that it is to be found is the “blessed Tau-Talisman” that you can find in experience.

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