The MOD producer TechIew has the PC version of the Action RPG “ Elden Ring ” that the show software works on the other day, followed by the automatic tracking of the camera, followed by the automatic tracking of the camera. We published MOD “ Fix the Camera ” to turn off the function.

The camera work of this work should follow the traveling direction of the operating character, so if you want to fix the view in a specific direction, you must always fine-tune the camera. This was a vast field, but if you spend a leisurely flowing in Torrento, you often used to explore narrow places and often she often had a camera manipulation.

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In addition, since the on / off of the function does not exist in the setting item in the game, it seems that some players who play with the keyboard & mouse were particularly suffering from scooping. In response to this, Techiew comments in the video reply column when the game can be played smoothly by this MOD.

Such MOD is adjusted for keyboards & mice and supports the drain controller, but continues to be adjusted. Therefore, at this time, it seems that TechIew raises camera sensitivity as a first aid of the controller.

Please check this NexusMods page for download and how to introduce. Please give me your own responsibility for the introduction of MOD.