Introduction If you refuse, this paper is not a PR. Code is provided by Square Enix, but there is no intention to get rid of it. I want you to rest assured.

Square Enix and Platinum Games have a tag “ Babylon’s Fall “. Action game compatible with up to four multiplays is characterized by a game system using the fun of combining up to four actions and a hack and slash (hereinafter referred to as Hakusura). It is a live service type title, and it is also planned to introduce a season system and holding an event.

It is a main work that has started a formal service on March 3, 2002, but Metascore is also “40” at the time of writing this paper, and it is a comprehensive evaluation (both PS5 version) in the user score. In addition, the number of players and STEAMDB are peaks and around 1200 people and strong, and strong. On February 25 where the preceding trial version was delivered, it may be a release date of “ Elden Ring “, and it is a number that does not shake that it has been hidden in the shadow. So what was it released and how? Deliver an impression.

This paper is written based on play in PS5 version.

From the conclusion, “ Certainly there is a glow, but it’s a gaming and a system with a gaming and a system. Certainly, such as exhilaration and exempt action and full-featured action, and a colorful character and a story **. However, there is a muddy matching system, a tutorial, and a still image, and a graphic that is difficult to understand is muddy.

# Action with attraction

I want to talk about the action that is liver. The action part is very fun, with the Platinum Games, which has created a masterpiece of action games, such as the “ Bayonetta ” series and “ Astral Chain “.

In this work, four weapons can be equipped. Each is assigned to □ · Δ, L2 · R2, combining the adaptive button to create an action. □ · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · R2 is a setting of weapons connected to “Machine” (Gideon Coffin) described later. The four weapons are simultaneously delivered, the spindle of the action of this work.

Gideon Cophin is a mysterious machine attached to the back of the main character. It is a setting that the weapon connected to these is moved by the intention of the main character. The design of the weapon on the back of the character is simple and cool. It seems like a fin funnel of “Mobile Suit Gundam”.

First, □ · △ Attack is normally repeated as an attack. Of course combo attacks are also possible. For example, if you combine the sodes for each, the sole action combo will be able to replay the action combining them if it is a sode x hammer. It would be good to decide according to your own place style. In addition, it is a battle design that rewards the action by improving the players skill such as cutting and rounding up with platinum games like Platinum Games.

Weapons in L2 · R2 are used when attacking as “ghost attack”. In exchange for consuming the red bar “SP” under the HP gauge, it is a powerful attack that can be repeated simultaneously with □ · △ action. The SP depends on the build, but it recovers by damaging the automatic or □ · △ attack.

Ghost Attack is characteristically characteristic (except for some status abnormalities), □ · △ A scene that can not repeat the attack. In addition, if the timing is combined, it is also possible to make a match with a ghost attack with a ghost attack with a sode. In PS5, the adaptive trigger of the controller “DUALSENSE” is also well effective, and literally enjoying an action. Since the degree of difficulty is adjusted by the player number, it can be played without difficulty in the solo player.

It is fun to combine these four-axis attacks, and the player himself will assemble their own action. It is one of the attributes that the action changes finely, such as the attributes differ depending on whether the attribute is different depending on the Hakusura, and the defeat is different.

There is also a just avoidance, just guard, and Paris. The effects of platinum mark actions such as the effects are also fed in a row, and striking attacks at a row and hit at a stretch.

A system that supports various plastic systems, free action combining 4 axes, a refreshing action rewarding to improve the players skills like platinum games, these three, the action of this work is refreshing, and It has become. As Hakusura, there are quests specialized for equipment collection, and quests (seass) that emerge with many enemies appear. You can fully demonstrate your own assembled action (= build).

And an anchor action called Gideon Gat is also one of the great features. This not only jumps to the enemy like an anchor, but also to take away HP and SP with the enemy, or to take a buff connecting to the HP or SP ( It takes a lot of time to take time to release Got be ).

One action is never bad, and the effect is also flashy and cool. However, it is questioned if these actions are quite entangled.

That is, each is felt for an independent action, and “use” is fun, but the fun for “combining” is not enough. “Bayonetta”, where the action was fixed, was a title that was created by combining nearby and shooting infinitely. On the other hand, this work is an impression that the fun of the essence “fusion of action”, which is one of the pillars, is a lot of action options. As an idea, isn’t it very interesting and Platinum Games can give up more brushed up? ** I would think.

In addition, combining weapons with the effect of raising the game speed may feel that the combination of action combinations is taken. Trying this with various builds and looking for a person of Hakusura of this work may be one of the goals.

Also, it is a big problem that there is no place to try a weapon you get in a hurry. I do not say that the load screen does not say action practice, but I want a place where you can try an action at the base of the base. In addition, “technically considered, but it is difficult to respond to this request, but it is said that it is a highly action-friendly battle and a game design that combines Hakusura, and as an author, change the priority as an author However, I think that the resource should be divided into implementation.

# Firm story and character

The world view and the story were very interesting. The stage is the spread of the disease “death” due to the blue sunlight and the threat by the monster “Galu” who hunts human beings and the threat due to the penalty. A protagonist (player) attached with a chopsticks (Gideon Coffin) as a “cheating person (Sentinel)” is to throw a himself to the capture of the Giant Tower “Babylon”.

A voice actor’s performance, such as a young man who lives hard in a world that can not be saved, and a character that causes the impression to be different, and each character is standing firmly. Kotecote’s high fantasy story, while the royal road, not only a hot scene is at the office, but also a part drawn with comedy touch and is not bored. Games mainly the main axis of Hakusura can also be the main end content, but it is good to enjoy as a campaign firmly.

In addition, as a screenshot that has been posted so far, this work implements art filter “brushwork filter” such as oil painting. It is an image of the world in line with the world and is not bad. You can also see an event scene that will be deployed to take advantage of this image. If you look at one screenshot, it can not be denied that it will be difficult to say anything, but if you play for a few hours, the intent of the development that you want to express as “Create” will be transmitted.

Also, the sound is great. Music with the medieval European instruments and music, which is equipped with “Mideval Sound” concept, is brilliantly expressing the Middle Ages and somewhere smoked images. In particular, the “ poet retower ” that flows when you choose a base and ps5 / ps4 game icon is the best. It seems to be played with an old stringed instrument called a lute. You can also watch in the note by Mr. Yamaguchi, Mr. Yamaguchi, who is a lead composer, so I want you to listen to.

# Endless rough crude can stand out

Honestly, he was despaired when he played the trial version of this work for 30 minutes. A cut scene at the beginning that has been extruded on the entire surface of the gloomy world is such that the meaningless world is pushed as it is to be implanted with a graphic representation that is difficult to understand and gideon coffin. It can be understood that the intention to be emitted to the character can be understood, but it is flat. It would be necessary to push the fantasy ease to the entire surface or devise guidance of Gideon Coffin.

The battle with the battle tutorial at the beginning is also desperately worse the tempo by explaining it in the window display. In addition, as described above, the problem that multiple actions will be independent, even if the game speed is slow, it feels stronger, but while the game is advanced (about 6 hours) after the story, such a tempo of this tempo I would like to say that badness is somewhat eliminated.

Honestly, the person who plays a full price and plays this work will be overcoming this, but many users who play in the free trial version may not be away.

Multiplayer specifications are also concerned. It is a system such as a hunting action that ordered a quest with a quest board, is ready, and a system like a hunting action, but it is difficult to understand multiplayer with friends. The matching system of this work is that the player can participate from the quest order for about 10 seconds (up to 16 bases) can participate, and then participate from all the bases in 20 seconds, and then the specifications of automatic dispatch It is.

It is easy to create a private base and dispatch with friends only, but if you do other frames, it is impossible to match another player with another player. If you want to fill with the remaining frames with a friend and three or less, you need to vote to participate in the friend within 10 seconds from orders… What’s wrong .

In addition to this, the order function that is released by the progress (such as the sub-goal of the sales order) such as “” “” Since the cut scene is linked, if you participate in the quick match, there is no frustration if you get a dissatisfaction with QOL, such as looking at the long cut scene. Fortunately, this seems to also recognize the development side, and the official Discord server accepts feedback at any time on a dedicated channel, but on the other hand, there is a posture that answers in the server or official live broadcast. I would like to expect future improvements.

In summary, they can be seen in hazon by the fun of the action that made the strength of the Platinum Games and the firm story and the character, but they can be seen as much as possible. At least if you like Platinum Games’ action and fantasy, you should play this work and have no loss. However, it is also true that many players need to get over the tutorials of the bad tempo and the wall of the unmatched specifications and full prices before they reach their pleasures.

“Babylon’s Fall” is released for PS4 / PS5 / PC (STeam), which also supports cross play. Experilation version for PS4 / PS5 is also delivered, and it will be delivered for late March for STEAM.

In the game, the season 1 “Kuon’s Giant Tower” is being held, and the first large update including the addition of the new weapon species “Great A” is delivered on March 22, and “ From March 29″ * A collaboration event is scheduled for * NIER: AUTOMATA *. In addition, premium tracks of battle path are open free of charge.

  • Title: Babylons Fall

  • Compatible model: PC (steam) / ps5 / ps4

  • Play model in articles: PS5

  • Release Date: February 25, 2022 (PS version) / March 4 (PC version)

  • Author play time for article writing: 30 hours

Prices: 8,581 Copies (Normal Version) / 11,880 yen (Digital Deluxe Edition) / 19,880 yen (Collector’s Edition)