Last Sunday, we had an appointment with a simpler, banal era and happy as it was 2011 . ilojuan He was able to gather the most mythical players of content creation 10 years ago and some of the present to create a Call of Duty tournament: Modern Warfare 3 . The result actually gave the same, because the important thing was to see different people again come together again to play one of the titles that gave YouTube in its beginnings.

And it is that it was not only the tournament as such, it was also the whole atmosphere that enveloped the competition and the laughter we threw with our institute friends when we saw the last video of Willyrex taking the Moab in Dome.

La Vieja and the new school: an explosive combination

It has always been a coup of nostalgia v olver to see our “idols” of our preadolescence in the games that we saw it grow exponentially as is the minecraft in Alexelcapo, League of Legends in Knekro or Revenant or, in This case, Staxx with Modern Warfare 3. But it has also been very beautiful to see as two totally different generations joined in a game where by active or passive spent quite some time within it.

ilojuan and his two colleagues, Guille and Andrés , were nothing famous at that time and all they did was see the video of their favorite youtubers at lunchtime, do their homework and join A game all three together to vitaries until dinner time. Now, These three teenagers play with whom one day were referents , and it is wonderful to see that big generation shock united by a game that was actually quite simple and unfair.

Toxicity and unbalanced games, the true essence of Modern Warfare 3

We are not going to cheat, if Modern Warfare 3 came out today would be one of the most unbalanced and unjust _Shooters of today. If you did not have an ACR with a silencer (who did more damage than without him), a pp90 with Double charger or an MP7 with expanded charger you could not get hard enough games. In addition, if we add that the Matchmaking of the items was in some abusive moments we have a combination that has a common result: toxicity.

Because yes, MW3 was one of those games that were pure toxicity , and all of us were because the time incited to be. John’s departure in Nuketown in front of the Alphasniper team and company perfectly reflected what the game was in 2011: the first one that forces the spawn enemy won the game. The result? All John’s team commenting on the disgusting the other team ** and throwing rays and sparkles to all its rivals. Obviously everything was in a coña, but it is still funny as they were spoken by how unfair the game was.

Although they have removed they continue to have the touch

Tournament was finally for the STAXX team, SOKI and company ; Something that was enough to expect watching the piece of equipment that was each of them. Something I want to emphasize from both teams is, above all, the enormous level they have shown in the final, remembering when vitiated up to 8 hours a day to take a daily video. Willyrex is currently not a saint of my devotion by different topics, but seeing as a whole round with shield and Tomahawk touched me inside, like when Ratatouille critic tasted the soup made by Remy that reminded him of Moments of his childhood with his mother.

Each of these people have gone along a path or another in life, but I think that Iillo has managed to get that teenage spark of all of them with such a nostalgic tournament that hurts, since you see many of them very mature and you think that Life is going to happen just by all. See outconsumer Return to Modern Warfare 3 It makes me very happy, but it makes it much more when I see everything that has achieved and the family that has created throughout all these years. It never comes bad to look back And see how happy we were when our maximum concern was the examination of integrals, because seeing the dust that the world is currently, these little moments are those who truly deserve it.