With the exit of Destroy All Humans this summer, the recent trailer “Welcome to Turnipseed Farm” showed the fans of the series what to expect consoles from the current generation. THQ Nordic and Black Forest Games has suddenly released the recent trailer, but for the delight of Destroy All Humans fans from the previous generation of games. Turnipseed Farm is one of the first stages of the game and the return fans have seen familiar locations, capabilities and weapons with improved graphics. Destroy All Humans Remake will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on July 28th.

The recent trailer “Welcome to Turnipseed Farm” started with the Crypto UFO landing in the middle of a familiar farm. Shortly after, Crypto started trying to lift a cow that would innocently err in the property and use them as a telekinesis weapon. The fans of the series will know at the same time the location and the ability used here, but will be pleasantly surprised to see the resolution in which everything unfolds. Things really degenerate when crypto must electrocute enemy humans looking for its destruction. Violence in the trailer contrasts brilliantly with comedy whose fans of the series will be well aware.

PS4 - Destroy All Humans! Trailer (E3 2019)
After melting and throwing local farmers into the trailer “Welcome to Turnipseed Farm”, crypto takes off in his UFO to ignite the farm and the surrounding vegetation. The gameplay that Thq Nordic and Black Forest Games will offer in the Remake Destroy All Humans is exactly like the original, including air and terrestrial fighting. Although the trailer does not give much of the intrigue for Destroy All Humans, it shows important elements that make the game fun for new fans.

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