FBLive - Jenine's Showtime - Metallic cardstock en ECD Picture it Collection - 30 maart
At the beginning of the week, we proposed a contest in partnership with the studio Pearl Abyss involving a collection statuette representing a “Black Knight” – the dark blade, this iconic class of Black Desert Online .

The time of the competition has now passed and to win the statuette, we had to answer our few questions correctly: first, the dimensions of the statuette which was put into play here are well 55 cm high for 35 cm in diameter. Then, the dark blade is actually one of the playable classes that has been deployed on the Western servers of the MMO of action _le March 1, 2017; And finally, the weapon that mania the dark blade is indeed _L’espadon. You have been 93 to answer these few questions correctly and the winner has been designated.

The winner is:

  1. Jeremy d. of bourges (6)

The number in parentheses corresponds to the gap with the correct answer of the subsidiary question.

Congratulations ! The winner will be contacted soon to organize the delivery of the statuette. See you soon for new competitions.