Although Amazon Games and SmileGate with Lost Ark (in the test) make a lot right, most of all, various construction sites were the focus of the community. The new Omen Skins did not get any good everywhere, the early implemented Argos raid tightened the Pay2Win debate, bots and goldsellers are a problem and all of them got all sorts of smaller errors, for example in the appointment displays of the countless Events ( The hotfix comes today ** on 17 March 2022).

Message of SmileGate and Amazon Games

The responsible persons of Amazon Games and Smilegate continues to seek open communication and has now been expressed in detail on the official website of the online role-playing game to all these topics. In the following, we summarize you the most important statements of the developers to the different topics.

Progression, Argos Raid, Roadmap, Skins

  • It was a conscious decision from developers to make the launch not only the Animal 1 and Tier-2 contents, but even many of the animal 3 content available. The first two content areas should serve as a way to get to know many systems of Lost Ark to prepare you as a kind of midgame prologue on the actual endgame in Tier 3.
  • The goal of the developer was that you play with your own speed through the content. Currently, most players are in the Tier 1 or Tier 2 area. Some have already reached animal 3.
  • In fact, the developers had thought about making the Argos Raid already available to the launch. However, this content is an important progression bridge between the previous content and the endgame challenges that are still missing in the EU version of Lost Ark. Therefore, they then decided to bring this milestone slightly later in separate form on the servers.
  • It was never the goal of developers to give the players the feeling that they absolutely need to achieve ITemlevel 1,370 as quickly as possible to play the Argos raid immediately to the release. In retrospect, the DEVs underestimated how much time would spend many players with the horizontal content (exploration, collections, quests) and how much bots and gold sellers would affect the availability of evaluation materials for the Tier 3 area. That was a mistake.
  • In the next update, it is therefore important to give the players better ways to experience Lost Ark without pressure at their own pace and simultaneously prepare themselves optimally to the upcoming endgame content. New content such as the Legion raids, new classes, other skins, islands and more will come, but only when this first goal is reached.
  • A detailed roadmap for April and May should follow in the near future.

Soon there’s more evaluation materials!

  • The appreciation of the equipment of the main character can be frustrating. Many players still have no twinks that obtain further evaluation materials for the main character. In addition, bots ensure that prices on the marketplace are very high, especially for animal-3 materials.
  • With the last spanned shaft and some adjustments in early gold sources you could put a heavy blow to the bot users. The bot activity has declined and there is less gold sharmed by bots. Nevertheless, the fight against bots remains a constant topic and it has the highest priority to make the use of bots as inefficient as possible.
  • With the update next week, the developers will make us players facilitate access to enabling materials: with additional rewards at the Grand Prix Event, a new casual guard RAID event (should run one month) and the first season for the evaluated PVP “Proving Grounds”.

Gifts for all on March 21 2022!

In the coming days, all players from Lost Ark (now buy 19.99 €) a gift package. When exactly? On March 21, 2022, after weekly maintenance. The gift pack contains:

  • New Animal Skin Selection Chest
  • Moccokon Pet Selection Chest
  • MOKO-Board Mount Selection Chest

* Appearance Change Ticket
* Pheon X132
* Menelik’s Tome X5
* Legendary Card Pack Selection Chest X2
* Jukebox Songs That Will Be Provided When Jukebox Content is released in The Future.

What do you think about the statements and plans of the developers? Are you looking forward to the adjustments of the coming week, the start of the first PVP season and the gift pack? Do you think it’s okay that the next endgame content should come a little later? Which construction sites should the developers still be tackled? Betray us in the comments!

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