Frank Lampard to Everton? CONFLICTING opinions on what could be ‘a gamble’ | ESPN FC
Teum Manager Frank Lampard has paid the Premier League victory of his FC Everton expensive. “I broke my hand while cheering,” said the 43-year-old after the 1-0 Last Minute victory against Newcastle United: “It’s a bit of sore and a bit shaky, but I do not care.” Lampard has apparently accessed the injury when celebrating Alex Iwobis Late Triumph (90. + 9) despite the undernoon. Previously, it had already come to a curious game interruption in the game. A viewer had tied up with a cable tie around the neck at the doorpost and had to be “freed” from several folders with a bolt cutter before he could be worn by the field. The young man carried an orange T-shirt with the inscription “Just Stop Oil”, a campaign group that is committed to stop the exploration of fossil fuels in the UK. After a ten-minute interruption, the catch-up game was then continued.