The Tears of Themis Electrifying Night event is an AU event consisting of two parts in which Artem is a basketball player, Luke – Skateboardist, Marius – Graffiti Artist, and the Wine plays in the group. Stellis City will buzz to the excitement from March 18, 2022 to March 25, 2022. When The first part Events will take place. The second part is plus a banner – will come immediately after.

All lawyers have the right to participate. Do not forget to log in to perform daily tasks, since their validity period will expire after daily reset.

Event tasks

The first part of the event includes a collection electrifying souvenirs . You can do this by completing the tasks of the events located in the menu “Tasks”. Follow the red timer to determine the urgency of tasks.

For the execution of daily tasks, you will receive 10 electrical souvenirs and other resources, and for weekly tasks – 40 electrical souvenirs and other resources. You need minimum 375 electrical souvenirs To complete the event, but please think about getting more, since this number does not guarantee completion.


Electric souvenirs can be spent, having exchanged them into pieces of puzzle that can be used to fill the puzzle in the “Events” menu.

Electrifying Night Guide || Gacha Cost Estimate + Event Details || Tears of Themis
Press earned tokens button to exchange 15 electrically souvenirs per part of the puzzle. There is a chance to get duplicate pieces of puzzle, but five duplicates can be exchanged for new.

Used pieces of puzzle will appear in the field on the left. You can pull them anywhere on an empty board. Your goal is to form an image on the right. You will be rewarded for getting from 5 to 25 puzzle pieces – do not forget manually request awards over a puzzle.

  • five pieces puzzle: x10,000 Stellin
  • 10 Puzzle pieces: X20 Oracle Justice III
  • 15 Puzzle pieces: x4 Chip selection II

  • 20 Puzzle pieces: x15 Oracle Justice IV
  • 25 Puzzle pieces: 300 s-chips

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