St. Paulis kick-off into the Festspielweek – Aue against one of the “favorite opponents”

Just the Friday evening Holding a top game Parat, from 18.30, FC St. Pauli receives the 1st FC Heidenheim. For the Kiez coach, it is the prelude for festival weeks at the millennor, because after the ostal badders, the aspiration candidates Bremen, Darmstadt and Nuremberg are introduced in succession. Especially since the stadium can be fully utilized for the first time after two years. Against the Heidenheimer FCSP-Coach Timo Schultz hopes that “the balls go five centimeters deeper” after 1: 1 in Dresden equal four times the aluminum in the way. The FCH, however, travels with a broad breast after the eleven of long-term coach Frank Schmidt on the past matchday Werder Bremen with 2: 1 the first defeat under coach Ole Werner added.

At the same time, Erzgebirge Aue has the Karlsruhe SC guest. For Aue, a victory in front of domestic audience is quasi duty to keep the hopes of the leaving class. After all, the statistics for Aue speak, because the last five home games against the Baden were won together and special. Karlsruhe has been waiting for a threesome for four games and states in the midfield of the table. Thanks to “life insurance” Philipp Hofmann, who has already achieved 14 goals, the lead to the endangered zone but reassuring, the KSC seeks 2nd league for another year.

Bücke for the first time at Schalke Bank – Corona after effects at Dusseldorf and HSV?

In training and Hanover on the bench: Schalke coach Mike Büskens. Imago / team 2

Am Saturday afternoon (13.30 clock) Will Mike Büskens in the game against Hannover 96 will take place for the first time on the Bank Schalke’s. Although the S04-veteran has been in office for almost two weeks, his comeback as a scarce coach had to fail because of his corona infection at 3-0 in Ingolstadt and will now be made up. Through the threesome at the bottom light, Schalke has his seasonal goal of direct recruiting again in mind, and in addition to the square there were positive news: Despite the pandemic and descent, the club has significantly reduced its liabilities. Hanover has lost the last two league games, the view of the Lower Saxony is reinforced again: After all, with Sebastian Kerk (after gastrointestinal infection) and Maximilian beer (to Corona infection) returned two family forces.

Fortuna Dusseldorf and the Hamburg SV were most recently affected by a Corona outbreak. While the game of the Hanseaten was canceled, the Rhine countries had to compete in Paderborn – and fought with a “notelef” a respectable 1: 1. Not only coaches Daniel Thiune returns to HSV, but also several of the last missing players. Which actors will be accurately available, is still uncertain. The same is also valid for the HSV, who could also welcome the first returnees in training. After two defeats in a row and the corona-added game bag, it is important for the Hanseaten not to lose the connection upwards.

In the third party in the afternoon, SV Sandhausen Hansa Rostock receives a duel in the lower table regions. The SVS has released through a series of seven unbeaten games in a row (3 victories / 4 draw / 0 defeats) from the descent z1. The northeast Germans have also gave rise to the northeast German through two goalkeepers. Given the table situations, both in direct duel offers the chance to make a big step towards league by victory.

Werder’s worried in the defensive – Darmstadt without Patric Pfeiffer in top game

The occupation of the defensive prepares Werder-Coach Ole Werner before the summit some worry folds. Imago / Nordphoto

Bremen Passes Darmstadt after Narrow Game! | Bremen - Darmstadt 1-0 | Highlights | MD 27 – BuLi 2
On Saturday evening (20.30 clock) then the top match between Werder Bremen and Darmstadt 98 – the third welcomes the first. But just before the Summit Plagen Werder-coach Ole Werner Injury warehouses: In addition to Captain Omer Toprak (calf problems) fall in the defensive also Marco Friedl (abdominal muscle injury) and Mitchell wiser (muscle bundle crack). Thus, Anthony is likely to change from left to the internal defense, taking Felix AGU whose place and start Marcel MBOM on the right. But the lilies also lack a very important defensive man: because central Patric Pfeiffer playing a superior season, with a coach average grade of 3.04 the best Darmstadt defender and has already been called seven times in the eleven of the day, must because of a yellowstone fit. In all likelihood he will be replaced by Jannik Müller.

Nuremberg’s fifth strike? – Finish Kiel his failure series?

The 1st FC Nuremberg had recently cheered a lot of reason. Imago / zinc

With four wins in a row, the 1st FC Nuremberg has returned to the ascent race, is before the 27th match day as a fourth first pursuer of the Toptrios. On the Sunday afternoon (13.30 clock) should now follow the fifth prank against Dynamo Dresden to maintain the pressure on the top. The club likes to play against the SGD, won the last three games without collecting a goal. Trainer Robert Klauß is also available almost his complete squad, so that some tricky personnel decisions announces: musters at the 3-0 in Hanover Tom Krauß again for Linus Tempelmann, who returns to yellow barrier? And what happens to Captain Enrico Valentini, who is completely made to Corona infection? Other worries has Dynamo Dresden. Even under Guerino Capretti, the Saxons continue to wait for the first victory in 2022, even if the 1-1 against St. Pauli progress under the new coach were recognizable. This is now important to confirm in Nuremberg. In addition to progress but also points, because by the Siegloss series, the SGD has now been passed through to the descent relegation rank 16.

Holstein Kiel is also threatening after four defeats as a result of the relegation z1. In the home game against the final light FC Ingolstadt, three points are therefore actually duty. Also for the further work of coach Marcel Rapp? “We are all in the duty to deliver performance and results in the last eight games, not a single,” said Sportschef Uwe Stöver. But just before the so important duel, the KSV is affected by a corona outbreak. At FCI, there is hardly any hope for the league, the view of the Schanzern is already aiming forward – talking to the coming season.

In the third Sunday game Jahn Regensburg and the SC Paderborn face each other. For both teams, it ran everything other than around 2022. Nevertheless, the SSV rests in the environment, coach Mersad Selimbegovic sits firmly in the saddle. “For me Mersad is a guarantee that we hold the league and kept them in recent years,” said President Hans Rothammer. For Paderborn, neither up nor down or something should go, the plans go to the future: with Kai Klefisch the first new addition for the coming season was presented.