Spring has become it, and most of it goes up now. Other in turn the mucous membranes threshold, the nose tingling and the eyes redded himself: hay fever! When driving driving, the complaints can even accuse dangers. Then, for example, when a sneezing at temporary “blanking” leads or when itchy, tearing eyes limit the eyesight.

Swap filter

In principle, the car is even a protected room, because modern vehicles are equipped with an interior filter that looks pollen, dirt and dust. But he only does with conscientious maintenance: every 15,000 to 30,000 kilometers, but at the latest after a year, he must be replaced. Even when parking, allergists should not commit a mistake: no good parking space is the under trees or in the immediate vicinity of flowering bushes. In addition, it is important to keep doors and windows closed as far as possible, so that the plants can not flow into the passenger area with the ambient air.

suck and wipe

Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever & Seasonal Allergies) Signs & Symptoms (& Why They Occur)
Jackets, coats and bags travel best in the trunk, so adhering pollen are locked out. As far as upholstery and floor mats are concerned, regular suction is recommended, surfaces in turn are wiped down again and again. It makes sense to engage with this work helpful and allergic unloaded fellow human beings.

While driving, sunglasses not only protect against being blinded, but also preserves the eyes from too intense irritation.

Beware of drugs

Help search and find hay fever-plagued often in the so-called antihistamines. However, these medicines can make tired and reduce reactivity. The look at the leaflet is therefore mandatory. If necessary, the doctor or pharmacist also knows a less stressful alternative. And in doubt, allergists should leave the car during the critical time.