After Eintracht Braunschweig against the direct competitors from Saarbrücken had previously cashed a 0: 2 defeat, the lions against Borussia Dortmund II demonstrated their will in the fight for the ascent into the 2nd Bundesliga did not get understood. It was a heavy game with the Dortmundern on a “difficult place” with “many long balls”, the 1-0 winner of Maurice Multhaup described in magenta sports and continued: “We knew it was a fighting game.”

It has evolved, because despite the right early leadership of the BTSV in the 26th minute, the Schiele-eleven did not manage to make the lid on it. The black-yellow fleet mainly at the end of the game against resistance, yet the Lower Saxony brought the leadership sovereign over time and managed the 1: 0. “It has been a scarce result, but in the sum a deserved,” explained Schiele.

The team showed a “good reaction” on the defeat last matchday and that again speaks for the team: “You have already felt that it knows, maybe a little more than usual,” Schiele closed off.


Whether Braunschweigers can prove their qualities again, will show in the catch-up game of the 27th matchday, which will be held at the VFL Osnabrück next Saturday (14 o’clock, live! At Eintracht).