Elden Ring offers you numerous opponents who can make life for hell. The greater the greater the likelihood when a proper annoying NPC is removed in a few seconds – as a bizarre reddit post is now impressive.

The Elden Ring Community on Reddit celebrates a post in which a player shows his fight with the preceptor Miriam . While many players are likely to have bad memories of this encounter because of the high difficulty, the video proves that sometimes it is simply in a fromSoftware game.

ELDEN RING: Player defeated preceptor Miriam in record time

Preceptorin Miriam lurks you in Elden Ring in the Carian Cureau in the west of Liurnia. With Miriam is not good cherries at all, Her sheet holders can hurt you neatly , she can teleport, deal with a considerable sword and is still pretty hard in taking. If you have brought you to despair with these features like many players others, you might take care of Reddit User DNZ618.

In the short video, the user shows how he finished with Miriam. Instead of getting involved in a long battle with her, he receives them directly on a staircase, uses his shield for the damage limitation and promotes the preceptor then with a humourless heavy slot short-handed over the railing.

FromSoftware: Community celebrates reddit video

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The community on Reddit reacts excited about the video – because many players already had to suffer from Miriam’s treacherous attacks. The video has already received over 24,000 upvotes and the commentators including their suffering as well as their admiration for the clip.

  • “Has me often killed as Margit.” ( Reddit User OK-SKY9108 )
  • “Where were you last week when I spent 2 hours with this B… in the New Game + Miriam is finished, so much is clear.” ( Reddit User lc_reddit )

  • “Has even killed me more often than Malenia… not sure if I should be proud or sad.” ( Reddit User Sir_rethor )
  • “To see so satisfactory… she made me so much trouble!” ( Reddit User GrecianGoddess )

In our video we show you all the important information about the FROM software hit Elden Ring: