Rune Factory 5 is a pretty unique role-playing game, and to master it, you will need to familiarize yourself with its systems. The bread system from RUNE Factory 4 is returned, but newcomers can be confused. Bread is a simple object that has a big impact on your gameplay.

When using bread, you will learn Recipe dishes Depending on the type of bread, which you ate. If you eat weapon bread , then you will learn from one to four new recipes for weapons. If you use Preparation of bread You will learn about new dishes that can be prepared.

Here are all types of bread in the game:

  • Farm bread
  • Making bread
  • Armory bread
  • Chemistry bread

How to Earn SEED POINTS Easily in Rune Factory 5!
* Cooking Bread

Bread can be easily obtained by going to sweaty hearth and buy it Yuki . She will tell how much bread has her. It remains so you bought every day. Keep in mind that if the skill for which you are trying to learn recipes, not level up The game will not allow you to use bread.

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