With the current battles, the mausoleum of the first, the developers have decided for a very clear direction. The bosse should rather be too heavy at the beginning, as that too easy. Because a Nerf is played quickly and feels far less stupid for the games shank, as if various guilds no longer creates a boss that they have previously defeated due to any buffs. Even if there was an exception to the rule with Lihuvim.

And so it was in nature of the thing that we get this time relatively many adjustments in retrospect. The amount of hotfixes with which the eleven bosses in the mausoleum has been generated in the past March weeks, barely more counting. The front bosses are what balancing is in an excellent condition, so that the developers can now devote the back bosses. For the coming ID change, we therefore see again a Batzen Nerfs.

Incidentally, in the course of the great adjustments on Wednesday morning, some classes and playing ways are also braced massively. Everything important about this is here: WOW: Many buffs for different classes.

Nerfs for RAID and other hotfixes in WOW – March 30th 2022

  • Dungeons and battles
    • Tazavesh: Wonderful streets
    • The big menagerie
      • A problem has been fixed, which could not be worked out by the dimensional friction at the beginning of the encounter ‘the Great Menagerie’ in Tazavesh.
    • Mausoleum of the first
    • Skolex, the insatiable robber
      • [With Realm-Restarts] Skolex’s health was reduced by ~ 6% in the difficulty grades ‘mythical’ and ‘heroic’.
    • Dausegne, the fallen oracle
      • [Realm-restarts] Dausegnes health was reduced by ~ 6% in heroic difficulty.
      • [With realm restarts] The vulnerability of disintegration wreath was reduced to 200% in the difficulty grades ‘normal’ and ‘rich tug finder’.
    • Lords of the horror
      • [With Realm-Restarts] Swarm of the darkness and swarm of decay caused by Mal’Ganis’ in the darkness now increases the total damage suffered by 100% and no longer only the skills with a range of effect.
      • Note of developers: When the skills “in the darkness” and “Schwarm” were developed for the lords of horror, the idea was that the horror truths turn into a true swarm and impaired effects such as “flame shock”. However, it has been found that this was very restricted, which classes that can provide the required performance on the difficult levels of difficulty. We make a change in order to update the vulnerability of effective damage to the total damage suffered so that all damage classes can benefit from the phase equally.
    • Rygelon
      • [With realm restarts] The health of the boss was reduced by 5% on the difficulty’s degree of difficulty.
      • [With realm restarts] The damage of stellar decay was reduced by 20% on the difficulty ‘Heroic’.
      • [With realm restarts] The health of unstable quasars has been reduced by approx. 33% on the difficulty’s degree of difficulty.
      • A problem with the description of the magic corrupt wound in the Dungeon Journal has been fixed. The functionality remains unchanged.
    • The Chairman
      • An error has been fixed in the magic description of redirected sign of life, which led to the wrong amount of healing was displayed. It is now displayed correctly that it heals 2% per ticket.
  • Zereth mortis
    • The jewelry of pure innovation resbawn now faster.
  • Objects and rewards

* The optional reagent place for the legendary craft can now be unlocked by completing the Campaign Quest Crown of the Willen.
* Players must now be located on the floor to activate the personal contamination trap toy.

QWK Challenger MK3 AEG: the AWAKENED NERF Stampede w/ Select Fire!
* The magic strip of certified warrant can now be interrupted by the movement of the character.
* Chest with received treasures is now starting with the selection of weapons that you can browse short before the cooldown has expired.
* Eternal Aegis of Cosmic Gladiator \ – It has been fixed a problem that could lead to the absorbent sign large individual attacks that exceed the remaining absorption amount incorrectly absorbed completely.
* Achievements
* Characters in which a mistake occurred, who prevented the achievement “glorious” could be earned, should now earn the achievement correctly when logging in when they have 80 glory levels.
* Pet struggles
* In Zereth Mortis you can now use the “Find Find” button for a pet struggle.
* Players against players
* War mode
* In the war mode, Kbato’s damage was reduced against Kbatos of other players in the quest “at the Gate of Death”.
* Shaman
* A problem has been fixed through which the chain healing vehicles could heal in battlefields.

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