Ackor Games (ACS Games CO., LTD, representative Lee Cheong) said it was announced on the 30th that it will conduct advance reservations prior to the launch of the new mobile strategy game of its new mobile strategy game, “Saemedami WAR).

This pre-reservation will be conducted on a one-store user, and provides a coupon for a variety of game items such as gem, reserves, and congregational groups that can be used after launch to participant power.

In order to encourage advance reservation participation, it will provide a cultural gift certificate through the lottery after a single-store pre-reservation from the official cafe to April 5, and will reveal the public coupon for 100 people.

‘Three Kingdoms’ is developed as Unreal Engine 4 and boasts overwhelming graphics, with mobile SLG, launched on January 20th, Last January 20, was launched in the Apple App Store.

In particular, after the launch of the domestic formal, Google has entered the top of the top of the top of Google, and it is still in popularity and continues to stay for the 30th and continuously in the past.

This game is unpredictable in the changing weather implemented in colorful graphics, and it is unpredictable to unpredictable combat and can not slow down the tension, and the strategy battle is afraid of enjoying various armed and skills.