The three-time Wimbledon winner Boris Becker no longer knows where his trophies are from the All England Club. That explained the 54-year-old on Tuesday before the jury in the Southwark Crown Court. He would present the trophies “tomorrow” if that was possible, Becker explained against him as part of the process.

According to own information, he sold his real estate to be able to be able to be relieved, from “many” of his trophies and other memories from his career would now also lack some. “For a player, it’s about winning the title. The trophy itself is less important if you play,” Becker said. But today he wishes to have them still in his possession, “to show them to my children”.

To the trophies he should not have handed over as agreed after his bankruptcy 2017, two of his three Wimbledon individual titles as well as his Olympiagold in the double of 1992 and the Trophies of Australia Open of 1991 and 1996.

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LONDON: Ex-Tennis-Star BORIS BECKER vor Gericht - HAFTSTRAFE droht

The process against the Tennisidol has been running for over a week. Becker, who won six Grand Slam tournaments in his sports career, is accused of a lack of cooperation in his insolvency proceedings. At a conviction, the election London threatens up to seven years imprisonment. He rejects the allegations.