Arc SystemWorks Asia’s branch is SPIKE CHUNSOFT CO., SPIKE CHUNSOFT Co., Ltd. The Korean version of the RPG, “The Law of the Samurai, Katanakami (Katana Kami), and the Korean Panel was released today (31 days) today with PLAYSTATION®4 and NINTENDO SWITCH ™ packages and download specifications Announced, and released information about the event that is held in commemoration of the release.

[20/20] KATANA KAMI A Way of the Samurai Story Full Walkthrough Part 20 True Ending + New Challenge

“The roadside katanakami of Samurai” is a samurai, as a man, while making a blacksmith, with a festival to fight against other world, The latest work to enjoy the slash.

The player is a series of cycles in a series of cycles that collect the knife and material every time the newly changed automatic generated dungeon, You will be done.

More information on the Korean Panel of the Korean Panel of the Korean Panel is available on the Korean version of the Ark SystemWorks Asia Branch homepage and official blog, Facebook, and Twitter.