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Street Fighter 5 reveals free test for PlayStation 4

Capcom is currently working hard at the street 6_ but fans who have not played the most recent game of the fight franchise are congratulations, since a free test for street Fighter V: champion edition is now available both in PlayStation 4 and in PlayStation 5. The test version will last until May 11 and the content of the five seasons is available, allowing access to the complete list of 45 characters in the game. With regard to the tests, this is quite long, which allows players for a significant amount of time to see everything there is to offer!

A tweet that details the test can be found in embedded below. The free trial version can be obtained on the PlayStation Store page of the game. right here.

Street Fighter V: Tips for Beginners | PS4
Although the previous tweet refers specifically to the PS4, the game store page confirms that the test version will also work on the PS5. However, the page notes that “it is possible that your system should be updated to the last system software.” Unfortunately, the test version does not exist for the Steam version, although several online fans have been asking for precisely that. If the demand is high enough, perhaps Capcom also considers a test for that platform, but for now, PC fans will have to wait patiently.

_ Street Lucer V_ initially launched in 2016, while the champion -edition of 2020. Over the years, Capcom has constantly added more content, which culminated in the launch of the final DLC fighter last November. The editor officially announced street lucer 6_ in February, with the revelation of a new logo and a brief advance. The new logo received a strong reaction from fans and since then no other information about the game has been revealed. More details are expected to be revealed this summer, but a specific date has not been provided.

Street Fighter V: Champion edition is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC through Steam. You can consult all our previous game coverage here.

Are you waiting for this trial? Do you plan to give the game a chance in the next few days? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Mythic Heroes codes (April 2022) – Free diamonds and scrolls!

Our Roblox Mythic Heroes codes contain the most relevant OP codes list that you can exchange for free diamonds, scrolls and other goodies in the game. If you are just starting or playing Mythic Heroes for a long time, these codes can give you a significant impulse!


List of all codes of mythical heroes

We will keep you in the know additional codes as soon as they are released. You must redeem them as soon as possible, because you never know when they can expire! These codes are checked on the day they are added. If you find that the validity period has expired, tell us the exact code in the comments below so that we can delete it.

Enter the code exactly as it is indicated, otherwise it can work incorrectly! Note: If the code is intended for intra -game currency, some amounts may vary slightly if the game has active factors.

codes of mythical heroes (workers)

Look at all the working Heroes __ codes.

cg1f3 * – exchange for diamonds (new)
xz432 -Marination for free awards (new)
9BV3g -Exchange for free awards (new)
mH7777 —Com -exchange for scrolls and diamonds (new)
mH8888 —Com -exchange for scrolls and diamonds (new) **

codes of mythical heroes (with an expired validity)

These codes are no longer valid.

43khn8 *
5GS26 *
* 7DVM

How to activate Mythic Heroes codes

Exchange codes for free rewards is easy to mythical heroes. To do this, follow the instructions below.

  1. In the game, click on the avatar of your character in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Press codes button in the character menu.
  3. In the text field, enter the code exactly as it is indicated in the list above.
  4. Press confirm button to get a reward!

Elden Ring: The trade with illegal items grows

The immense success of Elden Ring also has a bitter aftertaste. More and more dodgy websites are selling items and weapons for the game. This is not only illegal, but can also lead to a spell. Sometimes it even affects innocent players.

the easiest way is not always the best way

Elden Ring is a most work and regularly ensures headlines and conversation material in the community. Most of the time, these are harmless stories: a creative mod, an unusual boss strategy or an elaborate fan species.

Today, however, we report on the dark sides of success and that when dubious companies are trying to earn the hype of Elden Ring. The reports of players who have come across websites who offer the strongest weapons of the game for real money have recently been increasing.

Elden Ring himself has an online multiplayer, but there is no in-game shop. So you have to earn all content. Since Elden Ring is a very challenging role play, it is sometimes easier to say than d1. And this is exactly where the websites are used by simply selling you the best weapons of the game for real money **.

Worst ways to die in ELDEN RING Randomizer
_Wenn you want to know instead how you become stronger in Elden Ring in a quick and legal way, then you might be interested in the following guide: _

innocent players are also affected by illegal trade

It may be tempting to respond to such an offer, especially if you get your teeth on a boss several times, but we can only advise you to take advantage of the services of such websites. **

The server from Elden Ring are able to recognize questionable items and weapons , which can lead to an exclusion from the game online community.

Particularly nasty: Troll has already taken advantage of this fact to get innocent players into difficulties.

The joke bolds distributed a certain NPC underpants in the game world, which was then unwittingly lifted by other users. The Elden Ring system then recognized the dubious item in the inventory of the players and then banished them.

We also processed the whole story in a separate article:

Balorant joins the new agent Fade battlefield

Riot Games’ first -person tactical shooting game (FPS) Valorant will update the fourth episode of ‘Act 3’. In this update, agent ‘Fade’ joins the battlefield, and adds a new weapon skin ‘RGX 11Z Pro’ series and a battle pass.

The new agent is a Turkish bounty hunter ‘fade’. Faid uses the power of nightmares to chase the target. Unlike the existing reconnaissance agent Soba, which can exert its influence on the entire map, it is specialized in narrow areas reconnaissance.

Fade’s skill is designed with a bead that means a nightmare. When the fade uses the ‘ear’ skill, the beads on the ground reveal the enemy’s position after a certain time. If you use the ‘Poetry’ skill, the beads explode after a certain time so that the enemy does not escape. ‘Tracking’ skills fix the enemy and enemy traces in the front cone vision and pursue the enemy’s vision when it touches the enemy.

Fade’s ultimate is ‘twilight’. When the twilight is fired, the energy wave of the nightmare that can pass through the wall is sent. The enemy of the nightmare energy decreases and leaves traces.

The new weapon skins ‘RGX 11Z Pro’ series will also be added. RGX 11Z Pro was inspired by high -end gaming devices. Customized LED lights and transparent cases with electropohamed custom rotors are reminiscent of high -performance assembly PCs and gaming devices. The RGX 11Z Pro is the first skin that changes the LED color of the firearms in the animation.

Fade Gameplay Reveal Trailer // VALORANT

In addition, it provides a more interesting play experience for the player by applying a tack tile trigger for fast response and a kill counter that causes endless motivation during play. The RGX 11Z Pro is applied to the Phantom, Classic, Operator, and Spectors, including the most popular butterfly -knife -type melee weapon firefly for Valorant players.

Battle Pass has also been updated. The battle pass consists of a variety of fun rewards. The.sys series has been changed to a series with melee weapons such as Vandal, Bucky, Sheriff and Stinger. The color variant skin was included for players who did not choose weapons of the desired color. ‘Sweating in the eyes’ was inspired by a player who mourns the death of Cypher in Valorant Cinematic video.

For more information about episodes 4 -Act 3 update, visit the official Balorant website and the official Balorant YouTube channel.

The survival game This War of Mine appears reports on the Xbox Game Pass

This War of Mine Final Cut appears in the Microsoft Store with a publication date on May 10, triggers speculation and reports that it will be one of the free Xbox Game Pass May games.

The strategy play game of 11 bit studios is already present on consoles, with an expansion package called this War of Mine the Little Ones, which will be released on last generation consoles in 2016. Final Cut – which can already be played on the PC – contains all the content and DLCs of the game in one package. An entry for This War of Mine Final Cut was discovered in the Xbox Store today, with users to see an Xbox Game Pass symbol next to the game name in some countries. It now seems that this symbol has been removed from all store pages.

NEW SERIES!!! THIS WAR OF MINE // Maximum Difficulty // Support Ukraine // Survival // - #01
Also listed in the Xbox Store is the this War of Mine Complete Edition, which, although it currently costs more, apparently contains all previous content packages and DLC, just like Final Cut. Both versions have the same publication date, May 10th, and both descriptions claim that the game for the Xbox Series X | S and not for the Xbox One.

Apart from the above-mentioned The Little Ones expansion, no offers for any version of this War of Mine in the PlayStation Store are currently appearing, which could indicate that this will be a pure Xbox console version.

Potential leak:

This War of Mine: Final Cut shows a game pass discount on some shop fronts

Is currently not displayed in the US Microsoft Store and is to be published in the USA on May 9, 2002: //

-Game Pass counter (@GamePasscounter) 26. April 2022

Although it is not yet confirmed whether this War of Mine will reach the Xbox Game Pass if it starts in Series X | s next month, the evidence seems to indicate that this will most likely be the case.

If it is added to the service, it will come across other day-one supplements such as Sniper Elite 5 and Trek to Yomi in the MAI list.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (1 month) Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (1 month) Microsoft $ 14.99 $ 1.00 (first month) now earns Network n earns commissions from qualified purchases via Microsoft and others Programs.

Vanguard sluggish, Activision Bleejad 1Q11 operating profit reduced by 40%

Activity Blizzard recorded a lower performance in the first quarter of this year. Overall sales decreased by 22%, while individual sales and Blizzard individual sales decreased by 49%and 43%, respectively. In particular, Activision explained that the Call of Duty: Vanguard and War Zone, which were released in November last year, had sluggish results.

Activity Blizzard announced on the 25th (local) and its first quarter of its 2022. In this quarter, Activity Blizzard has sales of $ 1.76 billion (about 2.2 trillion won), operating profit of $ 470 million (about 598.6 billion won), and net profit of $ 395 million (about 493.7 billion won) ) Revenue decreased 22% year -on -year, and operating profit and net profit decreased by 40% and 36%, respectively. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and World of Warcraft (Wow), which was released in November 2020: Contrary to the first quarter of last year, which was achieved with the effect of darkness.

In particular, the performance of each game company recorded poor performance and Blizzard. First of all, the first quarter of Activision was $ 453 million, down 49% from the previous year, and monthly activation users (MAU) also fell 33% from the previous year. Among them, MAU is the lowest since Call of Duty: Mobile was released in 2019.

In response to the first quarter’s earnings, Activision reported that Call of Duty: Vanguard, which was launched last year, recorded lower sales than its predecessor, and the participation of Warson was also reduced. However, Call of Duty: Mobile maintained the same performance as last year. Subsequently, he has been focusing on improving Vanguard and Warzone play experience in the first quarter of this year, and emphasized that it will showcase the modern Warfare sequel developed by Infinity Word this year and a completely redesigned war z1. The two new Call of Duty were released in February, and Activision reiterated that both games will provide more advanced experiences. Lastly, I once again mentioned the Warzone Mobile, which was announced last March.

Blizzard was then only $ 274 million, down 43% from the same period last year, and MAU decreased by 19% to 22 million. MAU is the lowest since the second quarter of 2016, when the company announced its MAU levels by company. In the first quarter of this year, Blizzard explained that the launch cycle of Warcraft franchise products was affected. In fact, Wow, who is focusing on, is launched in November 2020 and is celebrating its second year of service this year.

Blizzard explained that he is pursuing several projects related to Warcraft. First, on the 12th, a new expansion pack of Hearthstone was released, ‘Sailing to Substated Cities’, and on the 20th, the new expansion pack’ Yonggun Corps’ was released on the 20th, and ‘Rich King’s anger, who led the game in the Wow Classic at the end of this year. It has announced that it is launched. Lastly, in the annual annual performance announcement in February this year, the company announced that it will release new information about Warcraft Mobile, which announced the launch of the year.

Activision Have Big Problems (This Might Change Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies)

In addition, Diablo Immortal will be released on PC and mobile on June 2, and Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 are also being developed. Diablo 4 is currently conducting an in -house test, and Overwatch 2 will be tested for user for PVP mode on the 26th.

Lastly, King, which is well -known as a candy crush series, recorded sales of $ 682 million, an increase of 12% year -on -year, and MAU reduced 3% to 250 million. Overall, King has maintained solid performance, while Activision and Blizzard seemed to have fallen lower than the previous year, and the overall performance of the company has fallen. In particular, in terms of MAU, the combined number of active and Blizzards decreased by 31% from 177 million to 122 million, and about 55 million people decreased.

Activision Blizzard has been measles internally and externally due to the in -house sexual offenses that broke out in the second half of last year, and in the first quarter of this year, it accepted a lower report than the same period last year. In the Acti Vision, it is trying to make up for the sluggishness with the 2019 Modern Warfare and War Zone, which had a monumental performance centered on Infinity Word, while Blizzard is newly released in Warcraft and Diablo Immortal, which will be released in June. It is a movement to rebound. The key is how much this strategy can achieve.

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars: Action

Fantasy RPG with elden ring bonds? Nonsense. Thanks to a cool trailer asterigos suddenly gets attention. But the action adventure is reminiscent of Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

Recently, a (worth seeing) Fresh game scene trailer for Asterigos: Curse of the stars in the YT channel of PlayStation and Xbox, the title will be playable at the Fair Pax East and also the steam presence of the game was revoloured. Understanding so that suddenly there is a great interest in the title, whose makers have been using the advertising drum on their Twitter channel since June 2021. Look at there quietly, if you want to learn more about the development or is on Concept-Artwork-Kram…

If we take a step back: Asterigos: Curse of the stars seems to have cool, struggling fighting with sword, spear, magic & Co. on offer and of course it’s also against thicker chunks – we hold on the internet parallel to elden ring but little. Otherwise every passive action adventure since Anno Dunnemal would somehow such a kind of elden ring…

Much evident are the parallels to Ubisoft’s Grand Breath of the Wild Copy Immortals: Fenyx Rising, especially the comic look of the game and its characters are reminiscent of it. And who has gambled the Surprise Hit Kena: Bridge of Spirits last year, who likes one or the other flashback. See yourself – we have installed him at the bottom!

What’s in the game? Hilda, a “brave warrior of the Northwind Legion” wants to find her missing father and goes to the search in the mythical city of Aphes. In the gameplay, it enters the secrets of the city and find out how it came to their rise and case; In addition, she will of course shape the fate of the entire kingdom with its decisions. Asterigos relies on three pillars:

Asterigos Looks like a Really Solid Action RPG - C4G Preview

  • Exploration of Apes, the fallen city of the stars: dive into his story and bring him back to his former glory.
  • Challenge: Scared beasts Scute the rich, armish yourself with the power of the gods to defeat them.
  • History: Become part of the legend – Hilda’s decisions will shape the fate of the Empire.

For information about figures like Minerva, Harold and Eumenides, we recommend a look at the picture gallery. Six weapons, with which Hilda moves to their enemies, were already revealed:

  • Sword and Shield: For a good balance of damage and defense
  • Dagk: Fast attack sequences and raft evasive steps
  • Spear: It needed good reflexes to parry enemy attacks
  • Hammer: heavy and powerful, can break enemy blocks
  • Magic wand: The bar allows remote attacks and holds enemies at a distance
  • Bracelets: Can Place Magic Mines and Create Deadly Traps

Call of Duty Next: Infinity War teaser Ghost für Modern Warfare

Infinity became apparently preparing a revelation of the next Call of Duty game, which, according to numerous rumors, will be a continuation of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare from 2019.
The teaser was discovered on Twitter, publishing a new banner.
This was extremely black and could bring some light into the dark with a graphics program.
Further information was then also uncovered on Instagram.
On both teaser images, Ghost can be seen.
The character was presented for the first time in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
Previously, Infinity Ward had announced the official development with the words “Stay Frosty”.

FIRST OFFICIAL CALL OF DUTY 2022 TEASER! (Modern Warfare 2 2022 Teaser)

Which game is exactly, the official announcement will have to show.
Until then, many more teaser information will surely be in the network.

1. FC Cologne: Steffen Baumgart does not want to see OnDrej Duda one week

The future of offensive player Ondrej Duda at 1. FC Köln looks questionable after the preliminary exclusion of team training. The club had confirmed the decision on the Sunday after the victory against Arminia Bielefeld (3-1).

Duda “put his interests on the team’s interests and will initially train individually,” it said, details about Dudas behavior became not known.

Coach Steffen Baumgart, however, discussed the measure in more detail in conversation with Kölner Zeitung. “I don’t want to see it for a week and don’t have it with the team,” Baumgart told the kölner Stadt-Anzeiger: “This decision does not just come, but it is the result of a development. There are of course always two perspectives with such things. “

He wanted to “hang the topic too high”, added Baumgart, in conversation with the EXPRESS he also made it clear: “The door for him is not closed. I don’t see it so dramatic. Something like that can happen in football.”

Duda (27) was not used in the victory against Bielefeld, who would continue to hope for the qualification for a European competition. A week earlier in the derby at Borussia Mönchengladbach (3-1), he was only substituted in the final phase. A total of Duda was on the pitch on 31 game days 29 times and has scored two goals so far.

Articles and videos about the topic
* 10 years dominance! So the world looked like Bayern last not master
* The Bundesliga on Fridays and Sundays exclusively live on DAZN – register now!

BAUMGART über BIELEFELD und MODESTE | 1. FC Köln | Pressekonferenz | Bundesliga

The Slovak Treaty runs until 2024. Last season, his first at FC, Duda played a major role in the club with 7 goals and 6 templates.

FIFA 22: BVB versus Bavaria in the projection – wins one of 2 initial BVB

On Saturday, FC Bayern Munich and also Borussia Dortmund meet in the Bundesliga. Diefifa-22 projection shows exactly how the video game might go out-and you can win one of 2 jackets!

As well as: You can win one of BVB’s two matchworn jerseys. Simply take part in the MeinMMO drawing listed below.

FC Bayern has all won the last 6 organization duels of both groups: In November 2018, BVB has actually been beating FC Bayern for the last time in the Bundesliga.

This is the game: On Saturday, at 6:30 p.m., the current second in the table from Dortmund will complete with the league leader. FC Bayern can protect the tenth German championship in a row with a win. Dortmund, in turn, will certainly wish to maintain a tiny recurring chance of the title by minimizing 3 factors to Bayern.

wins an initial gamer jacket from Borussia Dortmund

FIFA 22 PS5 | Borussia Dortmund Vs Bayern Munich | Bundesliga 2021/22

Is it specifically the exact same at the weekend break? That will certainly be shown on Saturday evening. While the projection did not reveal a victor, at least you can win something.

So you can take part: To take part in the sweep, you first require a MeinMMO account. Log in with it as well as listed below an enrollment tool becomes visible. Register there and you’re currently there.

Much luck!

So you can get involved: To take part in the sweep, you first need a MeinMMO account.

This shows the projection: The FIFA-22 projection did not show a clear winner-because when it pertains to the video game, the “classic” ends with a 1: 1 draw.

You can win that: MeinMMO is distributing an overall of 2 Matchworn jackets from Borussia Dortmund-two shirts that were in fact put on by players in suits.

In the forecast, among the very best FIFA-22 abilities, Jude Bellingham, can fire BVB in the lead with a goal. Yet Robert Lewandowski’s solution quickly comes with the equalizer – which ultimately likewise causes the last score.

On Saturday, FC Bayern Munich and also Borussia Dortmund meet in the Bundesliga. This is the game: On Saturday, at 6:30 p.m., the present second in the table from Dortmund will compete with the organization leader. And: You can win one of BVB’s 2 matchworn jackets. ** Merely take part in the MeinMMO drawing below.

It aids to reload the page or delete the cache if the enrollment home window does not appear listed below.

The champions will certainly call us by e-mail. The e-mail address utilized is used when producing the MeinMMO account. The data is only utilized for delivery and also then deleted.

The raffle upright April 26th.

  • A jacket of midfielder Mahmoud Dahoud (dimension M) from the 2nd round game between TSG 1899 Hoffenheim and also BVB.
  • As well as a jersey of aggressor Donyell paint (dimension M) from the video game Union Berlin vs. Dortmund.

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