K-POP Group BTS’s member Jin and Jimin ‘April Fool’s Day’ have changed the profile account.

On the date of the day (1 day), Jimmin’s account was changed by the photo of Bang Si-hyuk, and the profile changed, and he added, “Bulletproof Boys Audi” added to the self – introduction.

Jin changed the profile picture with the same League of Legend’s champion ‘Jean’ as his activity name. He also cited the Champion Selection Ambassador to the “Site I bloom in the field” on the field “.

The April Fool’s Day of Global Star with more than 30 million followers is also hot. The fans of BTS are sharing the real change of Jean and Jimmin’s Instagram’s profile through various SNs.

JIN (BTS) should have been the MC of MUSIC BANK!! [Music Bank Ep 932]

Meanwhile, BTS members attend the ’64th Grammy Awards’ held at the Las Vegas MGM Grand Garden Arena on the 3rd day of Las Vegas. After 8 to 9, 15th to 16 days, the Single Concert is held at Las Vegas Early Gadium.