When deciding how best to survive a Dead by Daylight game, the most important thing to consider is probably the benefits you want to use.

These capacities can be both passive or active and, when used in the right way, completely reverse the course of the whole game against the killer. Some benefits are only available for certain characters while some can be taught to other survivors when you reach a certain level.

You will want to use some advantages from time to time, then there are the benefits you will probably want to bring with you every game. This is the category in which the advantages of this list belong. These are the best 10 advantages that a survivor can use when trying to escape in Dead by Daylight.

10. Time borrowed

This advantage is acquired by Bill Williams, our preferred veteran and zombie. It is a pretty specific advantage but that can be of great help when used properly. The advantage works as such: when you securely pick up a teammate in the terror ray of a killer, it changes any attack that could put the survivor in a dying state in an attack that only does the effect. Deep Wound instead.

This gives you a window of time to escape, which is huge for these games with these dirty and awful campers.

9. Personal care

Self-Care can more or less erase any need for a medical kit in a game because it allows survivors to cure 20% at level III, at the simple cost of a slower cure. You can use it again and again in a match, and a person with self-care can keep all his healed team. A very useful tool for a match with a lot of injuries.

Claudette Morel will benefit from this advantage.

8. Adrenaline

This may not be useful for a good majority of your games, but once the Gates escape are ready to be open, it becomes incredibly powerful. Adrenaline will come into play when these doors are powered and will bring survivors to heal a state of health, as well as to gain a five-second sprint bonus of 150%.

7. Jump

Dwight can earn this advantage and this gives it the opportunity to see the Auras and locations of its allies when they are less than 20/28/36 meters. It may not seem like a lot, but know where your teammates can be huge. It will allow you to know who works on which generator, as well as where the killer is if he is attacked.

6. Dead Hard

A killer pursues you? You can use this advantage to gain speed and avoid an attack. This applies when you are in an injured condition and can help when you get this dash at the best possible time. This can cause the effect of exhausted status, but boy, it’s worth it.

You can earn this advantage with David King.

5. Inner strength

Another quite specific advantage that can be a savior to rigor. This advantage allows you, after cleansing a totem, to hide in a locker for 10/9/8 seconds to go up in a healing state in case of injury or under the effect of profound injury status. This is a good situation at a time to hide and to heal.

Nancy Wheeler will bring you back this advantage.

4. Sprint Burst

Dude, this advantage can you really put you out of danger when you need it. This advantage allows you to start a sprint of 150% of your normal racing speed for up to 3 seconds. The different levels will determine how long you will be in the state of exhaustion after (60/50/40).

Meg Thomas is your daughter for this benefit.

3. Thrill of the spine

This advantage helps a lot when the killer is close to you, because it warns you when the killer looks in your direction while it is less than 36 meters. However, this has a price, because your competence control chances are increased by 10% and the success areas of these controls are reduced by 10%. But that does not get anything from the fact that it also increases your speed for just about everything and can help you escape when you need it.

All survivors can learn this advantage.

2. Urban escape

We would not know how much this advantage is useful. It increases your crouched speed. At its highest level, it will double the speed of your character compared to other survivors. This essentially allows you to walk, squatting, all the game to avoid being seen and not feeling slowed at all. It is enormous.

Nea Karlsson is the one that learned this ability.

1. Decisive

Perfect for those of us who are often caught by the killer, Decisive Strike gives you a quick check of skills once picked up who, if it is well struck, will allow you to leave from there.
Even more, it stuns the killer for five seconds, which is a good amount of time to get some distance between you and them.
Even if it makes you the obsession afterwards, it’s always worth it.
The Queen of the Cree herself, Laurie Strode, wins this advantage.