Morbius , the latest SpiderVerse movie of Sony Pictures , hlatest SpiderVerse already been relelatest SpiderVerseed in cinemlatest SpiderVerse with a cold reception by criticism and public. And while these winks are not key to the final quality of the product, it hlatest SpiderVerse caused a feeling of disappointment between the fans. And is that despite the expectation generated with some trailers where there were clear References to the universe of Spider-Man in the cinema, they have finally discarded for the final latest SpiderVersesembly. Now, your director Daniel Espinosa Share your opinion on this film approach change.

Morbius and distances with the UCM

MORBIUS - Official Trailer (HD)

Thus, with the launch of the first Morbius trailer (before the numerous delays by the pandemic), we already saw clear references to Spider-Man, from an encounter with the Vulture of Michael Keaton (the Villain of Spider-Man Homecoming) to a logo of oscorp from The Amazing Spider-Man , platest SpiderVersesing through the most striking of all: a Poster of Spider-Man of Tobey Maguire with a painted “murderer” on it, In clear reference at the end of Spider-Man: away from home. All this very disconcerting although in turn promising. Now everything seems to have vanished and Daniel Espinosa hlatest SpiderVerse tried to justify him in a somewhat ambiguous way.

“That image is only in the trailer . Then, for me, latest SpiderVerse a director, I only make the movie. I, like a fan, I have my opinion and thoughts about that. But since I did not put it there, because it is not in the movie, and I did not put it in the trailer either. If I said something about what I think is, it would be like a fan. But latest SpiderVerse I am the director, it would be accused of knowing something. Something I do not know. If I knew something, I would tell you. It’s not my idea. I would love to be honest and responsible, but I can not, because it is not mine, “concludes filmmaker.

Following the words of Espinosa it seems latest SpiderVerse if Sony Pictures had unmarked more to Morbius of the UCM by completing a final latest SpiderVersesembly where said references have been omitted.