It seems that a classic Xbox cult franchise of the past could be returning. In the last two years, Xbox has slowly revived a series of inactive properties that it has, especially on the side of the PC. One of the biggest franchises that Xbox for PC is Age of Empires, which has recently seen a handful of new deliveries, especially with 2021. dad of empires IV. Now, based on some new teasing that have arrived at the Internet recently, it seems that another classic entrance of this series could also come back soon.

On Twitter recently, the Reporter of the Videogames industry Jez Corden touted with indifference on the mythology_, which was a game derived from the largest series Age of Empires. Corden did not say anything definitive about Theity of mythology, returning in the form of a sequel or remasterization, but he simply said that the game itself was “very good”. Not long after twenting this, the reporter Jeff Grubb shared the Tit and said that _Theity of mythology is something that “could be great again”.

Of course, what GRUBB and CORDEN said here at no time indicated directly that ity of mythology may surely be making a reappearance. However, it is known that both informants are passively mocked of things on social networks from time to time related to upcoming video game ads. As such, many people in the answers to each tweet quickly assumed that it was indications that Xbox could be working on something related to mythology_ behind scene at this time.

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Even so, it is important to emphasize that you must take this story with caution at the moment. Until we listen to something official from Xbox, this whole situation is nothing more than a conjecture. That said, given the new approach of Xbox in the Age of Empires series in recent years, ity of mythology Making a refund is something that seems quite feasible.

Would you like to see revive Xbox Game Studios? Dness of mythology in some way at the same time in the near future? Let me know in the comments or you can contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.