In the Bluepaus-Guide to Kirby and the forgotten country you will learn:

  • Where you can find all blueprints in the game
  • How to improve a special power
  • Where your information about the combo possibilities gets

In Kirby’s latest adventure there is a lot to discover again! As usual, the little pink ball can suck his opponents to take their skills. From the fireplace dragon to the heavy-proofing warrior, a variety of possibilities are open to you.

These transformations are called Special Power and can be improved in turn by findings very special blueprints. In our guide you get the most important information about the blueprints and a list of all locations.

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Where do I find blueprints and how do I use them?

Bluepals reinforce your special power and switch new skills free. For example, you improve the wizard, not only increases the strength of its bombs, but also shuts off the bomb chain, which allows it to connect thrown bombs. Bluepals can be found in many different missions, but are usually well hidden!

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - All Blueprint Locations

If you have found a blueprint, you have to give this to the Waddle-Dee arms dealer. Improving a special power costs coins and stars that you receive by completing Treasure Missions .

If you want to inform you about the exact capabilities of a special power, you have to talk to the arms dealer . The dealer gives you useful information about the equipped special power and explain to you different combo possibilities.

Blueprint missed? Speak to the Waddle Dee scholar!

After doing all the missions in the area “ Ewigblau-Coast “, the Waddle-Dee scholar moves into the Waddle Dee city. Interacts with the character to find out if you missed a blueprint. In order to obtain more detailed information about the location, you have to have played the appropriate mission before.

All blueprints for the first improvement

Chakram-Bumerang Waddle-Dee City A gift from the arms dealer.
Volcanic fire Waddle-Dee City A gift from the arms dealer.
Krimskrams-Hedgehog Climbing tour on the cement peak On a plain of the concrete tower you will find a bomb box. Destroy the box to expose the blueprint.
Bombing Electricity waterwork Can not be missed. You will receive after you defeat a group of opponents.
noble explorer The tropical terror Defeat the end boss of the Eternal Blue Coast.
Toy hammer Welcome to Wundaria Water all the withered flowers at the end of the level. The last flower can be found by removing the dirt on the right level edge.
Colossal sword Racing Pattern Rage Defeat the Sword Grobian in the course of the mission.
Brake ball flash Invasion in the Horror House At the end of the mission you will find a vending machine. Left below the platform is a hole that leads to the blueprint.
Feather Tornado The Wundaria Dream Parade At the end of the mission, as a water balloon kirby, you have to shoot the handling parade carriages against a garage door.
Pencil Drill Wire rope act in the circus tent Defeat the end boss of the Wundaria ruins.
Eisbert ice cream Battle on the Blizzard Bridge Defeat the double boss at the end of the mission.

Deep sleep | Fireholes in the power plant | In the second half of the mission you will find a descent above the big machine. At the entrance you will find a single coin.

All blueprints for the second improvement

Konfeufeuer Frostböenmeer In the late history of the mission, you have to free a lift with fire from the ice. Uses the lift to reach the treasure chest on the right side.
Seeker Bomb Recommend the Bestitiensen Defeat the end boss of the winter crop.
Crystal Hedgehog The desert cradle of life After the boss on the left side of the arena.
Sawtooth Bumerang Looking for the oasis In the late missionary, you will find a big giftring. Let yourself fall from the balcony to get to the chest.
Wild Hammer Ambelen Center After the fight against Wilder Bonkers, you have to catch the two nails in the ground. Climbs a yellow ladder upwards and keep right to get to the chest.
Twin drill Moonlight CLOFT Follow the sand blocks that lead you to a passage that is blocked by a wooden barrel. Destroy the wooden barrel to find the blueprint.
Blizzardis The collector of the sleepless gorge Defeat the end boss of the Originis Desert.
Space discoverer March on the infermo street Before you enter the boat, the explorer power uses to shoot a target that is on the right side of the rock wall.
Storm Tornado Assembly of the Beast Council Defeat Tatzandra and seeks below the platform with the roller coaster.
Meta-Knight Sword Waddle-Dee City Win the Meta Knight Cup in the Coliseum.

All blueprints for the third improvement

Mask Hammer Waddle-Dee City Will be given to you by King Dedede after you have completed the story.
Morpho Knight Sword Labor Ver’ges After the story, you will shut down a new world. Collects all 250 soul fragments to unlock a secret boss. Defeat the boss to get the blueprint.

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