The stadium a tolly house, the matchwinner completely out of the cottage and the coach must pay the bill: powerful pleasure, the 1st FC Cologne and his enthusiastic fans in the almost full stadium with the successful catch-up in the game against the FSV Mainz 05 is prepared.

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Victorial winner Luca Kilian, a list of opponents, was completely overwhelmed by the backdrop and the emotions. “I did not know what to do. I was so happy. I just got along somewhere and got everything out, what was in me,” said the 22-year-old after his 3: 2 hits against his actual employer who awarded him to the Cologne by summer.

Baumgart: “Wooden foot stays wooden foot”

Just Kilian, who had also introduced the 0: 2 residue against the Rheinhessen with his stiff ball to the Mainz leadership. “That suited to the game, but something does the football,” even the Mainz matchwinner completelys director Martin Schmidt was after a week with only one point from three away games for his team. Kilian, on the other hand, gets the hope for an international starting place for FC with his first Bundesliga hit. The Cologne must reduce its budget next season, but in Europapokal participation, but maybe they would have to commit the means of defining the mainzer defender.

But first must pay Steffen Baumgart. The Cologne Chef coach wants to redeem his promise and invite the team to eat. The coach had challenged if the robust and technically not so damaged Kilian should shoot a goal at some point. “You can imagine that he is pleased today, the coach owes him and the whole team a food. But as I said wooden foot remains wooden foot,” said Baumgart smiled.

“Games over switching”

The coach himself had a large proportion of the spectacular and the audience a catch-up hunt when he changed a trio in the 58th minute in Louis Schaub, Dejan Ljubicic and Salih Özcan, which caused a lot of operation and goal. “We have emphasized more than once that we will win games over switching. The troupe consists not only of eleven players, as they belong to all,” explained the coach.

Ellyes Skhiri, Ljubicic and just Kilian turned the game in almost 20 minutes and cared for ecstasy on the ranks. The returned Ultras organized a big choreography and a lot of pyrotechnics a great spectacle before the game. “At the Choreo, I had goose bumps, everything has been put to mountains. That was just megage,” Kilian said. “We have missed the active fans scene, we are glad that she is back. Nice that we could give you the victory,” Torcher said Ljubicic.

Even the coach had come to the field before earlier to look at the events in the southern curve. “I can say it was very worth it,” said Baumgart. That’s what the fans will have said after the game and look forward to the next Saturday Rheinische Derby in Mönchengladbach. “That’s just right – but that’s always right,” Kilian was.