Dr. Robotnik has not had the best history when it comes to defeating his main rival, and it seems that his streak of bad luck could continue in sonic the hedgehog 2. In a new interview with Yahoo Entertainment Children’s Reporters of Lyla and Luna, Jim Carrey, were interrogated about the many failures of him to defeat Sonic. Carrey told him that he “he will never win,” but Dr. Robotnik’s actor refused to admit defeat, affirming that there is still the possibility that he in some way he can find victory over his whole life enemy.

«Do not count on that. I have some evil plans that you will not even be able to conceive in your little human mind. I could be lucky. He could trip. Imagine if he stumbled so fast. ” Carrey said.

Carrey clearly has a lot of passion for Dr. Robotnik, and he really shows in interviews like this. Some Sonic fanatics were comprehensively skeptical when the actor was chosen for the first time for paper, but Carrey has clearly accepted the character, as well as the place of him in the Sonic franchise. The interview also has a number of fun references to other Carrey films, which include Tonto and retout and ace Ventura: pet detective.

Of course, it remains to be seen if Carrey Robotnik will get another rematch against the Blue Defocus of Sega. Carrey recently declared that he is considering retiring from acting, and Paramount has no plans to interpret the character again, in case he decides not to return for the next Sonic The Hedgehog movie. The Games and Comics in Sega have presented a number of other Sonic villains over the years, so it is possible that they can occupy a central place in the next film and in the Knuckles derived series. Of course, it seems a safe bet that will not succeed against Sonic either, but you never know!

Sonic the hedgehog 2 is now in theaters. Readers can see all our previous coverage of the film here.

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