In the Epic Games Store you secure today two more PC games for free: the next chamfering gift is on. This time, the full versions of the Strategy Hits XCOM 2 and the Roguelike Adventure InstrumMountable are waiting for you. The activation takes place at the usual time at 17 o’clock . Once the free games are available, you have time for a week to link you to your account. So put the PC games in your account until April 21 to maintain permanently access.

When are the Free Epic Vault Games in 2022?

Strategy & mountaineering

In our test to xcom 2 you read that a mercilessly good strategy game is expected. The title offers sensationally presented round folders, a high claim with four levels of difficulty, a great underdog atmosphere and a high playback value. It goes high with insignia report, which is distributed this week as a second free game in the Epic Games Store. In a steady fight against the forces of nature, you can conquer inexorable mountains in this adventure. In the test to insignia report you read all the details.

Get the free games of the previous week

Until the activation of the new free games you still sack the two full versions, which the Epic Games Store gave away in the past week: Rogue Legacy and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter . Which games are distributed in the coming week, we will learn at 5 pm when XCOM 2 and Insormountable go live. Also 2022 it should give every week at least a free PC game for the members in the Epic Games Store.

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