Soon, at the station HBO, the starting signal for the new series will fall to The Last of Us. The well-known actor Pedro Pascal slips into the roll of Joels and thus a home character. Accordingly, he should have worked on the filming ** certainly intensively with the game templates. Or not?

That says Pedro Pascal to his role as Joel

In an interview with the magazine GQ, among other things, the question of whether he has prepared itself with the help of the shooting to the series The Last of Us. According to his statements, he actually started to take a closer look at the two games. However, he quickly noticed that he was not good enough to really play them. Therefore, he passed the controller to his nephew and watched him. He also explained that for a good reason he did not want to identify himself too much with the Joel from the game template , which is why he did not turn to the end.

_ “I found Joel very impressive, I felt the whole thing as a visually very impressive experience. But then I had the fear that I may want to imitate too much. Under certain circumstances, that can be right, under other circumstances, a mistake. I just wanted to build a healthy distance. I prefer to go to the hands of Craig Mazin (co-author of the series) and Neil Printant (co-author). “_

Important details about the series of The Last of Us

A concrete start date for the series at the Sender HBO is not known yet. On the other hand, it is clear that Pedro Pascal will be seen in the role of Joel and Bella Ramsey in the role of Ellie. Likewise, the actor Anna Torv (Tess), Nick Offerman (Bill) and Merle Dandrigde (Marlene) are on board. The story is based on the game template and follows Joel and Ellie on their journey through the United States of America after a pandemic, which has turned most of humanity into zombie-like fungus monsters.

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