Saisons in Diablo 3 are an optional recurring game mode, which offers players the opportunity to start with like-minded people in the front and playing normal or hardcore characters without gold, resources or already deserved paragon experience in the leaderboards. Furthermore, seasonal heroes have their own prey chest and their craftsmanship progress is separately.

Participants in the so-called “season journey” receive unique rewards such as various cosmetic items, portrait frames, flags, pets and so-called achievements. The best but is: If your specific chapters of the seasonal trip closes in a new ladder season, you will receive complete sets for your class in the form of Haedrig’s gift for free!

In this article you will find many useful tips for starting the 26th season . In addition, we have a detailed guide for this season new Halling nightmare -Event as well as matching a farmguide for barbarians with the revised Raekor set. Have fun! More info, specials and videos for Diablo 3 (Buy Now 31,42 €) can be found on our Diablo topic page.

Barbarian Starter Guide - Level 1 to Endgame - Diablo 3 Season 26 Echoing Nightmares

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