Why Pedro Pascal is the PERFECT Joel
The Last of Us is scrambled by HBO to a series. In it Pedro Pascal plays the main role of Joel. The actor now explains in a GQ interview, but he did not play through The Last of Us. But at least he has to present two good reasons for his justification, which we want to be allowed to apply – exceptionally.

The Last of Us: Serial Star Pedro Pascal explains why he did not play through TLOU

That’s why it’s time: HBO makes a the last of us series and so far everything looks like, as if there is a serial highlight on us. However, the statement of Joel actor Pedro Pascal may not be so promising for some fans. He probably did not play the two the Last of US parts. All information about the filming can be found here:

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The Last of US Series from HBO

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Pedro Pascal never played dead: or at least he never played the two titles. In a GQ interview, the Joel actor tells he at least tried. But then he passed the controller to his nephew and looked at a large part of the first game as a backeate gamer. But he stopped at some point.

These are the reasons: On the one hand, according to Pedro Pascal, it should have led to it just over too little skill . He was simply unable to play through The Last of Us. Since you can see well how much accessibility matters and how importantly accessible games are for all as possible.

On the other hand, Pedro Pascal did not want to pull too much from the game. And therefore, because he feared that he was tempted to improve the performance of Troy Baker in the games too much .

“I found Joel so impressive – I felt the whole thing as a visually impressive experience. And then I started to worry that I would want to imitate too much, which could be good in the right circumstances, but a mistake in the right circumstances others. So I just wanted to make a healthy distance. “

(Via: GQ)

Also, what Pedro Pascal otherwise tells about the work of the Last of Us as a HBO series sounds promising. According to him, the responsible persons would be careful to ensure “very creative manner” to transfer the cult aspects of the video games into the series. Even with things that we would not necessarily expect. We stay curious. Here you can see a set picture of the shooting.

What do you say? Would you have liked that he plays the games and why?