Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs
The work of the ‘KKUEM’ Cha Ji-yoon, which holds the domestic and overseas twenty fans, can be seen as NFT (non fungible token, replaced token).

The shift-up was released by its representative illustrator, and the number of works of the Ticky Yun Writer’s work through the Domestic Digital Asset Exchange Establishment of the NFT Trading Platform ‘Updit NFT’ Drops. The first NFT work of the Writer is’ brilliant smile ‘and’ night sky.., and a girl in love was smiling, “he said,” The unique way of trimming the beauty of the subject is intense and the fantastic atmosphere.

Both works are scheduled for sale in the English Auction Method on April 21 on April 21. Memorial in the first NFT of the design artist, it will be made to the winner with the production of the actual picture frame,

‘The Written writer said, “It is very attractive as an artist that” I can share the value of my work forever, and share the value of works with collectors. “” Two works, ” There is also a unique storytelling, and I want to enjoy the message of the work. “

Meanwhile, ‘Tickm’ Cha Ji-yoon is a domestic top-class illustrator who worked as a game won in 2006, as the game won the game won by the won. Recently, Gusta 2021, participating as a lead artist, ‘God of victory, Goddess: Nikke’ is increasing the expectation of game fans.