Glitzervampir, magic student and meanwhile even Batman: The actor Robert Pattinson has already undertaken to many characters on the canvas. For some of them, he is loved by his fans until today, others are more likely to worry about stitches. In recent years he was also seen in some more serious roles. Behind the façade of the successful star, however, he also hides a nerdite side, which now came to light.

In an interview, Pattinson expressed itself to his favorite Final Fantasy 7 and his two characters Aerith and Tifa, who left him exceptionally emotionally. His views of the two characters can surely understand many fans.
ATTENTION, SPOILER: The actor speaks, among other things, from a specific event in the game that will make you a lot of anticipate if you have not finished it so far. Refracts in this case later and do not let the surprise spoil.

Robert Pattinson’s love for Aerith and Tifa

In the interview, Pattinson prize gave that a certain scene from Final Fantasy 7 has brought him to cry. And that seems to be extraordinary as his statement finished tears after only a few occasions in his life: the speech is of Aerith’s death.

He even goes a step further and calls the lovable flower girl his first love. No wonder that the farewell from the fictitious figure then hit him very much. In a side rate he also mentions the confusion about their name: In a version, it is called Aeris, ie with a slightly changed spelling. This should be due to another reading during translation.

Today he can laugh about the situation, his affection for the game and the two female main characters remains remains. Also for Tifa he has a few warm words left. Namely, this is a classic love triangle, as you know it from many other works.

So there is the good-hearted Aerith, which can heal other people with their power. Their opposite is the attractive TIFA, which exercises another appeal as a thief in scarce clothes. How should one decide about it? Anyway, Robert Pattinson can not do that and has a place in his heart for both characters.

Robert Pattinson talks about Final Fantasy VII and his love for Aerith & Tifa [SPOILERS] #TheBatman

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