After years of positioning as the kings of streaming, Netflix is facing a pretty complicated period. During the recent shareholders meeting, it was confirmed that This platform lost 200 thousand subscribers in the first quarter of the year , and this number is expected to increase in these months.

According to the company’s financial report, between January and March 2022, Netflix lost more than 200 thousand subscribers. This is the first time since 2011 that the low of so many people is reported . As if that were not enough, this same document has indicated that the decrease of another two million users is expected during the current quarter.

As a consequence, the shares of the company fell by 25% when this information is known . What is this about? Well, there are several factors. One of these corresponds to the pandemic. During 2020 and 2021, many people joined Netflix, as well as various streaming platforms, this as a deal with the enclosure. However, as the world situation returns to normal, the public has closed its Netflix accounts.

Netflix Loses 200,000 Customers, First Decline in Decade
Along with this, remember that the company has increased the price of its subscription in several territories, something that could well be a detractor for more than one person. As if that were not enough, you do not have to forget the increase of competitors in this market , each with unique content that can be decisive when paying for a service of this type.

At the moment, The company has indicated that they are considering the implementation of a new subscription option , one that is cheaper, but with ads, and here you can learn more about this. Similarly, the number of Netflix users in Mexico has decreased.