Gerad Pique dominates the headlines because of Audio Leaks. Spicy: He should have pushed to an Olympic ticket at the boss boss.

New chapter in the affair about interrogated calls of Barcelona star Gerard Pique with Spain’s association boss Luis Rubiales. After a few days ago the threaded supercup relocation to Saudi Arabia for headlines, Pique urged into new Audio Leaks, which published EL Confidencial, in Rubiales to a nomination for the Spanish Olympiacader 2020.

“You have to do that for me, Rubi, you have to organize a place in the squad of the Olympic Games for me, damn,” you hear Pique say. “I am pleased that we play the Olympics. We have to keep it very secret,” says Pique, who was “thrilled” by the idea.

Already at that time, however, Pique made sure that his projects could possibly get to the public. He said with a view of coach Luis de la Fuente: “Let’s see how we can do it anywhere else, I think that must be kept very secret until the end between us. Do not you think?”

Further, the defender said, “If that runs out, or whatever, there will be other players who want to go, and that will be a problem for him (La Fuente). So, above all, tell him that between us threes Stay and whenever he wants to talk, I’ll go to Madrid right away and we talk, okay? “

Gerard Pique did not manage in Spain’s Olympic squad

Despite his own enthusiasm for a possible trip to Tokyo, it became nothing for Pique but nothing with the Olympic participation. He was none of the three allowed Ü23 players in La Fuentes squad.

Also on the controversial supercup relocation to Saudi Arabia, at which Piques company Kosmos had her fingers in the game, Pique came to speak and frogs: “And congratulations, man. I think we have a damn contract with the Saudis.”

The 35-year-old Defender of FC Barcelona responded to the publications on Monday evening on Thitch on the publications, which produce a large echo in Spain. Pique said, “Everything we have done is legal. I will disclose my share of the conflict of interest, I would like to show my face because I have nothing to hide. I’m proud of what we do with Kosmos.”

Gerard Pique: “What we did is legally”

And on, “What’s new is the audio leak itself, which is illegally leaked. Not the information contained therein.” The statements are “torn from the context” and he has given the association revenue in millions.

In the meantime, Barca coaches Xavi responded to headlines around his protégé. “He is sociable and maybe to get attention,” Xavi said in front of the Laliga duel against Real Sociedad: “I am diplomatic, I know him. If he were not concentrated, I would warn him. But this attention gives him fuel, It’s adrenaline for him. It’s like a drug, in the truest sense of the word. He is focused. “

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Also Piques Twitch session shortly after the 0: 1 home defeat against Cadiz saw the coach relaxed: “It would disturb me if he did not give everything or did not held on the rules. It is Gerard and I know him. I know him How to deal with him, and he needs it. He’s fine to participate in competitions, he needs this stimulus. “