Potionomics developed by Voracious Games and published Xseed Games, and after many years of development she got a release window. This was announced during PAX EAST 2022, and you can wonder what is the date of the release of Potionomics.

What is the release date of the potion?

Many years later, Potionomics will be released on PC in autumn 2022 . This announcement came from the Xseed game the official channel on YouTube and the potency twitter. Do not forget to check it out and see the potion for yourself!

What kind of potion the game?

Pottery combines the mechanics of RPGs , decals and features of a life simulator to create a unique title. You are playing for a launched witness Silvia, who inherited the factory of the potions of her uncle and now should manage his business to become the best potion store in the district.

Relationships play a big role in the potion, as you negotiate with adventurers and other shopkeepers. Managing your relationship with them is crucial for learning recipes and collecting ingredients for brewing potions.

Potionomics trailer | PC Gaming Show 2020

You will need to master potion to meet customer requests. In the potion there are many ingredients and recipes, so do not forget to expand your inventory and creative abilities during the game!

Finally, your store will become your home base and place where you spend a lot of time. Potions Allows you Set up and decorate your store . It affects your aesthetics, and can also improve your prices, potions quality and much more!

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