The journey with a tender breeze is a web event dedicated to the stay of Albedo and Clee in Inadzum. The event takes place from from April 22, 2022 to April 28, 2022. 2. Since part of the event is limited in time, you will need four days of real time to get all Primogem awards.

Get access to the event by clicking on the link to the official website of the event on the Hoyoverse website. All players of the 10th adventure rank and above have the right to participate, regardless of whether you unlocked an andinzum or not.

Going on a trip

The main goal of the Web Events is to encourage Albedo and Clee every day to go on the journey. You can maximize two trips on the day (except for the first day when you get three trips), and you need to make nine trips to get all Primogem awards.

Press button to go on the left side of the screen to start. You can choose any of the accompanying goods that can be purchased with shiny leaves . After you need get rich before sending two.

Waiting for the albedo and glue can visit some friends – from slides to Tarumar. Click on them to get a mora. Once The indicator in the lower right corner of the screen is filled, two will return, and you will get a downloadable picture as a reward.

how to get shiny leaves

INAZUMA Klee Web Event (FREE 120 PRIMOGEMS!) Genshin Impact Journey With a Gentle Breeze
Click on the leaf counter by the lower left corner of the screen to open the event task window. Perform the appropriate tasks to get sparkling leaves that can be used to buy related objects that help albedo and glue on their travels.

how to get a reward

Click the treasure chest icon on the right side of the screen to open inspiration albums. Then, Click on the awards under the pictures require them. You will not get these awards if you miss this step, so do not forget to do it!

In addition, you can click on the button Share button to share an event in social networks for a one-time remuneration of 10,000 Mora. All rewards will be sent to your in-game mail within five to ten minutes.

Familiarize yourself with our Genshin Impact Vibrator Study Guidelines to take part in the in-game event that happens at the same time!