Fantasy RPG with elden ring bonds? Nonsense. Thanks to a cool trailer asterigos suddenly gets attention. But the action adventure is reminiscent of Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

Recently, a (worth seeing) Fresh game scene trailer for Asterigos: Curse of the stars in the YT channel of PlayStation and Xbox, the title will be playable at the Fair Pax East and also the steam presence of the game was revoloured. Understanding so that suddenly there is a great interest in the title, whose makers have been using the advertising drum on their Twitter channel since June 2021. Look at there quietly, if you want to learn more about the development or is on Concept-Artwork-Kram…

If we take a step back: Asterigos: Curse of the stars seems to have cool, struggling fighting with sword, spear, magic & Co. on offer and of course it’s also against thicker chunks – we hold on the internet parallel to elden ring but little. Otherwise every passive action adventure since Anno Dunnemal would somehow such a kind of elden ring…

Much evident are the parallels to Ubisoft’s Grand Breath of the Wild Copy Immortals: Fenyx Rising, especially the comic look of the game and its characters are reminiscent of it. And who has gambled the Surprise Hit Kena: Bridge of Spirits last year, who likes one or the other flashback. See yourself – we have installed him at the bottom!

What’s in the game? Hilda, a “brave warrior of the Northwind Legion” wants to find her missing father and goes to the search in the mythical city of Aphes. In the gameplay, it enters the secrets of the city and find out how it came to their rise and case; In addition, she will of course shape the fate of the entire kingdom with its decisions. Asterigos relies on three pillars:

Asterigos Looks like a Really Solid Action RPG - C4G Preview

  • Exploration of Apes, the fallen city of the stars: dive into his story and bring him back to his former glory.
  • Challenge: Scared beasts Scute the rich, armish yourself with the power of the gods to defeat them.
  • History: Become part of the legend – Hilda’s decisions will shape the fate of the Empire.

For information about figures like Minerva, Harold and Eumenides, we recommend a look at the picture gallery. Six weapons, with which Hilda moves to their enemies, were already revealed:

  • Sword and Shield: For a good balance of damage and defense
  • Dagk: Fast attack sequences and raft evasive steps
  • Spear: It needed good reflexes to parry enemy attacks
  • Hammer: heavy and powerful, can break enemy blocks
  • Magic wand: The bar allows remote attacks and holds enemies at a distance
  • Bracelets: Can Place Magic Mines and Create Deadly Traps