from Hamburg report André Dersewski and Maximilian Schmidt

So energetic, with proud swivel breast, full of self-confidence, he always presents himself during the 60 minutes. So coach and warmly presents itself Sander Sagosen, who will leave the Kieler in the summer of 2023 gene home, after the final whistle in Hamburg. In bathing rods and with a beer in hand climbs the Norwegian superstar depth tanned in the fan block of the THW Kiel and leaves no desire of the fans open. Almost half an hour he takes time, also leads short conversations.

The final answered the leafy backpart player, as the best scorer awarded the Final Four (16 results, respectively in the semifinals and final), before the party evening with his teammates still three questions.

In the end it became surprisingly clear, 28: 21 in the final against Bundesliga leader Magdeburg. What did you think about the key to success today?

Definitely our defense – especially in the second half. Behind it Niklas held outstanding. But how Pekeler and Wiencek worked, that was incredible. If Magdeburg throws only eight goals in a whole halftime, then that’s not normal.

The THW has beaten the SCM brand twice a month. Today, even a title has jumped out. Does this victory also give a thrust for the final spurt in the Bundesliga?

In the Bundesliga we just have to look now. Everything is in the hands of the Magdeburg, they currently have six points lead. If you have eggs, create that.

ESHRE 2017 Presentation - Collecting Eggs & Transferring Embryos (Past, Present and Future)
You have already seen during the game how much you enjoyed the support of the fans. Afterwards you have not spoiled a single autograph or image request. How did you experience that in the 60 minutes?

That was great. These are the moments, because of which you train so much in the preparation and during the week – to then make two such games in such a great arena and with such an incredible atmosphere. I am proud of the club and the city. Together we came here and go back to Kiel now.