Riot Games’ first -person tactical shooting game (FPS) Valorant will update the fourth episode of ‘Act 3’. In this update, agent ‘Fade’ joins the battlefield, and adds a new weapon skin ‘RGX 11Z Pro’ series and a battle pass.

The new agent is a Turkish bounty hunter ‘fade’. Faid uses the power of nightmares to chase the target. Unlike the existing reconnaissance agent Soba, which can exert its influence on the entire map, it is specialized in narrow areas reconnaissance.

Fade’s skill is designed with a bead that means a nightmare. When the fade uses the ‘ear’ skill, the beads on the ground reveal the enemy’s position after a certain time. If you use the ‘Poetry’ skill, the beads explode after a certain time so that the enemy does not escape. ‘Tracking’ skills fix the enemy and enemy traces in the front cone vision and pursue the enemy’s vision when it touches the enemy.

Fade’s ultimate is ‘twilight’. When the twilight is fired, the energy wave of the nightmare that can pass through the wall is sent. The enemy of the nightmare energy decreases and leaves traces.

The new weapon skins ‘RGX 11Z Pro’ series will also be added. RGX 11Z Pro was inspired by high -end gaming devices. Customized LED lights and transparent cases with electropohamed custom rotors are reminiscent of high -performance assembly PCs and gaming devices. The RGX 11Z Pro is the first skin that changes the LED color of the firearms in the animation.

Fade Gameplay Reveal Trailer // VALORANT

In addition, it provides a more interesting play experience for the player by applying a tack tile trigger for fast response and a kill counter that causes endless motivation during play. The RGX 11Z Pro is applied to the Phantom, Classic, Operator, and Spectors, including the most popular butterfly -knife -type melee weapon firefly for Valorant players.

Battle Pass has also been updated. The battle pass consists of a variety of fun rewards. The.sys series has been changed to a series with melee weapons such as Vandal, Bucky, Sheriff and Stinger. The color variant skin was included for players who did not choose weapons of the desired color. ‘Sweating in the eyes’ was inspired by a player who mourns the death of Cypher in Valorant Cinematic video.

For more information about episodes 4 -Act 3 update, visit the official Balorant website and the official Balorant YouTube channel.