The immense success of Elden Ring also has a bitter aftertaste. More and more dodgy websites are selling items and weapons for the game. This is not only illegal, but can also lead to a spell. Sometimes it even affects innocent players.

the easiest way is not always the best way

Elden Ring is a most work and regularly ensures headlines and conversation material in the community. Most of the time, these are harmless stories: a creative mod, an unusual boss strategy or an elaborate fan species.

Today, however, we report on the dark sides of success and that when dubious companies are trying to earn the hype of Elden Ring. The reports of players who have come across websites who offer the strongest weapons of the game for real money have recently been increasing.

Elden Ring himself has an online multiplayer, but there is no in-game shop. So you have to earn all content. Since Elden Ring is a very challenging role play, it is sometimes easier to say than d1. And this is exactly where the websites are used by simply selling you the best weapons of the game for real money **.

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innocent players are also affected by illegal trade

It may be tempting to respond to such an offer, especially if you get your teeth on a boss several times, but we can only advise you to take advantage of the services of such websites. **

The server from Elden Ring are able to recognize questionable items and weapons , which can lead to an exclusion from the game online community.

Particularly nasty: Troll has already taken advantage of this fact to get innocent players into difficulties.

The joke bolds distributed a certain NPC underpants in the game world, which was then unwittingly lifted by other users. The Elden Ring system then recognized the dubious item in the inventory of the players and then banished them.

We also processed the whole story in a separate article: