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Com2us Professional Baseball V22, new content home run race update

Com2uS (CEO Jae-Joon Song, Lee Joo-hwan) announced on the 30th that ‘Com2uS Pro Baseball V22’ (hereinafter referred to as Comlja V22) has launched a large-scale content update including ‘home run race’.

The home run race is a new mode that can be obtained by feeling the thrill of the home run and the reward according to the grades. The user selects one of his own players and runs a home run race, and the higher the home run, the higher the score and the reward.

Aaron Judge smacks a solo homer vs the Rays | Home Run Leader, 18th of the season

Com2us plans to provide the opportunity to check the batting skills according to the play record in the home run race mode and the fun of competition through the ranking system reflected in real time. In addition, this update has changed the design card design significantly, especially the special card has given special effects to add the beauty of the card collection.

In addition, the company has updated various contents such as improving the UI (user interface) such as safe and out determination, adding game directing, latest modeling of resignation baseball field modeling, and adding support.

Com2us will hold a special event for four weeks to commemorate the addition of the comamps V22 home run race. If you achieve a mission related to the home run race, such as achieving 150 meters of home run flights every week, the main game goods ‘Star’ will be paid as a reward. More information about this update can be found in the official complex v22 community.

Meanwhile, Comlja V22 is a new work that contains 20 years of operating know-how of baseball game Myeongga Com2us, with high reality and casual game characteristics. The highest level of graphic quality, convenient operation, and in-depth growth systems have received great response from users.

Why is Gotham Knights terminated for PS4 as well as Xbox One? The writers tell the reasons with various other details

We wanted to focus on giving a video game that we are actually happy Warner Bros. And, as they compose on the Discord channel, the city protected by Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin will certainly really feel extremely active ** thanks to the details associated to the habits of the NPC according to the area where we remain in which we are.

” When taking into consideration the scale and scope of Gotham Knights, we needed to prioritize and also focus our initiatives to offer a satisfactory high quality degree for the current generation,” they share Geoff Ellenor (Director), Fleur Marty (Exec Producer) and Patrick Redding (Creative Director), on the discussed system. “We totally recognize that this is annoying for gamers who still do not have a console of the current generation, as well as think us, we actually do not make this choice promptly, however, in the end, we wished to concentrate on offering * a game that we are really pleased with *

You will certainly find Gothamites from all locations of life Warner Bros. “Each Gotham area has a different mix of residents . Thinking about that the player will just head out to the street at evening, some Communities have an even more civil night life, while others are more bleak and also commercial, “information those responsible. “However you will locate Gothamites of all locations of life , and they will certainly have viewpoints concerning you as well as your justice activities. There are web traffic of vehicles of different kinds, pedestrians that get in and also leave the train terminals, employees from the city in the graveyard shift. “.

Gotham Knights - Side Mission Details, Open World Activities, Alternate Suits Explained and MORE!

We had to prioritize our efforts to give a satisfying top quality degree for the present generation Warner Bros. to PS4 as well as Xbox One , although it was initially intended. At the time, delivery programmers commented that this decision was made to bring the most effective experience to the gamers, and also now increase this declaration with a common message in their Discord Channel .

” The weather condition changes from one evening to another, while still being faithful to Gotham’s atmosphere,” continues the message. “Gamers can access a range of structures, generally due to the fact that there is some illicit task outside attention. And also there are criminal activities anywhere , both little and also huge.”

The fans of deep space of DC have numerous factors to check out the video clip game industry, as well as among them focuses exclusively on a Gotham Knights that will certainly arrive on October 25 **. Numerous months are still missing out on for Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood (Red Hood) as well as Robin to climb like the new guards of the city, however that does not mean that Warner Bros. Publish the general public’s expectations with gameplays that reveal the skills of this group.

Gotham Knights and its distinctions relative to the Arkham legend

” We wanted to be able to write the history of these characters with an initial narrative , without being tied to a continuity or a collection of characteristics particularly,” conclude those accountable for the game.

By doing this, Detector Bros. guarantees an experience that will enchant both comics fans and also players not familiar with the DC cosmos. We are excited by Gotham Knights from their very first news, so it quickly prepares some secrets with everything you need to know about DC games. Nevertheless, the title has actually currently starred in a little debate with Red Hood’s abilities, which have actually not ended up convincing the area.

Finally, Ellenor, Marty and Redding have pointed out the Arkham saga to highlight several of the distinctions that Gotham Knight will present with regard to video games starring Batman: “We intended to have the ability to interpret and adjust the characters, both the heroes and also the gallery of their rogues, in brand-new manner ins which support a brand-new experience and also progression of the gamer “.


We currently have a main web server! An area where you can speak directly to the magazine’s editors, join competitions, get gifts or simply have an excellent time with various other users. Do not think about it any longer as well as join our area.

Sign up with the Red Hood discord

The fans of the world of DC have numerous reasons to look at the video clip game market, and also one of them focuses exclusively on a Gotham Knights that will arrive on October 25 . You will certainly discover Gothamites from all areas of life Warner Bros. “Each Gotham area has a different combination of people . “Yet you will locate Gothamites of all areas of life , and they will definitely have point of views regarding you and also your justice activities. We are thrilled by Gotham Knights from their very first statement, so it quickly prepares some keys with whatever you require to understand about DC video games. The title has currently starred in a little conflict ** with Red Hood’s skills, which have not completed persuading the neighborhood.

Stray: Feasible launch day for pet cat journey leaked

Stray could be on 19. July 2022 come onto the marketplace. At the very least this is the visit, which according to PlayStation Game Size appeared in a Playstation database. It is certainly suspicious whether it is not just a placeholder for the actual release date. Besides, there are constantly records of allegedly leaked launched data that transform out to be a placeholder. For instance, the leakage of a Vapor database made numerous possible launch times at the end of March, consisting of that of Frostpunk 2. Below the studio verified that the specified day is a placeholder.

release duration summer season 2022

At the same time, July 19, 2022 would fit into the release duration, which Sony recently revealed. At the end of April it was introduced that Stray must be launched in the summer season of 2022. Far, Sony has not been formally confirmed. Probably Sony will certainly confirm the appointment during the following State of Play, which will happen on June 2.

What is Stray?

Stray is created by Blue Twelve Studios and is to appear on the PC , | of the PlayStation 5 as well as the PlayStation 4 *. The third-person adventure sends you as a pet cat with a city with cyberpunk situation in which you have to make it through. Over time, you will satisfy the drone B12, which will accompany you in the game from this point. In our preview, we spoke thoroughly as well as positively regarding the initial impressions of the game.

Strawberry Shortcake ???? The Berry Big Harvest???? Berry Bitty Adventures
The cathedral journey of Blue Twelve has actually needed to be delayed a number of times up until now. Originally Stray must have come onto the market in October 2021. This was complied with by changes in the springtime of 2022 and also ultimately in the summertime of 2022. The expectancy for the feline journey must absolutely remain to be tremendous.

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Stray might be on 19. July 2022 come onto the market. There are constantly reports of apparently dripped launched information that transform out to be a placeholder. Stray is established by Blue Twelve Studios and also is to appear on the PC , | of the PlayStation 5 and also the PlayStation 4 *.

“STAR WARS JEDI: SURVIVOR” will be released in 2023! The sequel to “Fallen Order” 5 years later is PC/PS5/XSX

Electronic Arts is a sequel to “ STARS Jedi: Fallen Order ” at the “Star Wars” event “Star Wars” held on May 27, local time. It was announced that “ Star Wars Jedi: Survivor ” will be released on PC/PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X | S in 2023, and the announcement trailer has been released. Development will be in charge of Respown Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games following the previous work.

This work is a legitimate edition of the three-person viewpoint “ Star Wars Jedi: Fallun Order “, which was released in 2019, and survived the “Order 66” that storms the Jedi. The battle between the protagonist Caltutis and his partner, BD-1, will be depicted again. It was clear that the sequel has already been developed as of January, but the title was officially announced at an event on the 27th. In the released trailer, the battle between Cal and Sis, Paun, and even a mysterious person in the Bakuta tank appear, and it is a content that foresee a new story.

Although many interviews released at the same time were not mentioned, there was a concept of the sequel before the previous work, and the video expression was increasing in late racing (real-time lighting), so even in the previous work. It has been revealed that the story is drawn around the popular Cal and BD-1 buddy. In addition, the loading time using high-speed SSDs has been reduced, and it is exploring that the Haptic Feedback will not be able to get a new experience for PS5.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor [PS5/XSX/PC] Official Teaser

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor ” will be released in 2023 for PC/PS5/Xbox Series X | S.

PlayStation VR2: apparently modern Warfare 2

At the exact same time, it is stated that this mode should show up along with PSVR2. Because the launch of “Modern Warfare 2” will be made on October 28, 2022, one or the other gamer can have the hope that the PSVR successor might be prepared for this year after one Magazine was anticipated in the coming year **

Nevertheless, a more collaboration with Sony would certainly not be a huge surprise despite the aim of taking control of the publisher Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. The expert Tom Henderson explained in a tweet that the agreements with Sony compete at the very least three even more games. As well as a “Call of Duty” experience would be an extremely draining point for PlayStation VR2.

While rather few have been announced until now, for instance, Sony on the first celebration video game “Perspective Call of the Mountain” , the report is haunted by the Internet that purchasers of Playstauion VR2 takes pleasure in a VR-will pertained to “Modern Warfare 2”. It needs to appear specifically and cost free for PlayStation VR2.

However the report for the unique VR mode of “Modern Warfare” is anything however verified. The insider Ralphs Shutoff, which is active on Twitter, supplied the spread, which in the past did not constantly enjoy the best credibility, however talked especially often and plausibly regarding the “Call of Duty” series.

According to the record (by means of Wccftech ), it is an independent mode in which the players go into battle as a pet 1 operator.

At least 20 crucial games need to be readily available for the launch of PlayStation VR2 that support the virtual reality headset. Several of these experiences will exist as component of a state of play in the coming week.

also Killzone virtual reality for PSVR2?

MODERN WARFARE 2 estará en PS VR2 REALIDAD VIRTUAL según un filtrador - Alka593

After years of advancement, Sony was not pleased with progression and also decided to start once more internally in 2019. It is as a result presumed that this “Killzone VR” job will certainly be among the launch titles for PlayStation VR2. Yet the complying with also applies right here: Such declarations are much from verification.

Another rumor for PlayStation VR2 game support turned up at the weekend break. Bryan Paul from PSVR Without Parole emphasized in the last Gamescast that Super large games was appointed to establish a “Killzone VR” ready the first PlayStation VR.

Additional records on PlayStation VR2:

We will certainly discover out which games are ensured for PlayStation VR2 in the coming week. In the program of the State of Play pointed out, Sony wants to offer a few of the upcoming virtual reality experiences. Details regarding the program are summed up in a previous message .

The expert Tom Henderson directed out in a tweet that the agreements with Sony run for at least three more video games. It is consequently thought that this “Killzone Virtual reality” project will be among the launch titles for PlayStation VR2. We will certainly locate out which video games are assured for PlayStation VR2 in the coming week. Details about the show are summed up in a previous message .

| PS5 headset formally announced-4K, eye monitoring and more
| Details concerning eye tracking, controller tracking and also sensing units

More reports on-call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Killzone VR, PlayStation Virtual Reality.

Courtois holds whatever: Genuine Madrid wins the Champions Organization

The last will certainly have a results at the entryway due to unsafe scenes as well as a difficult authorities operation. There were 75,000 viewers in the direction of Stade de France Power Dabei, there were huge protection troubles at the entrances to the Liverpool curve, so the kick-off was delayed several times by a total amount of 37 mins.

Vinicius Junior (59.) and also the fabulous solid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois Real in 1-0 (0-0) versus Liverpool versus FC to the 14th triumph in the most essential European Mug collection agency Toni Kroos Castle with his number five to Cristiano Ronaldo.

After hrs of waiting, fans appeared in big narrow folder chains and also climbed over fences, according to “AFP” the police made use of tear gas a number of times. It was initially not recognized whether people were injured.

Fan disorder, after that royal triumph: Actual Madrid videotaped the European football throne in the late Champions League final of Paris and Jürgen Klopp denied the Henkelpott.

Mané in the aluminum Pech-VAR collects Real management

The video game swiftly became rapid. Klopp was still rather tranquil on the line, while his team attempted to control as well as looked even more established. Mohamed Salah (16th) had the initial great possibility in dropping, Sadio Mané, who was hotly traded at Bayern Munich, only struck the internal post (21st) since Courtois reacted grandiose for the very first time.

: After half a hr, the royal had shown up in the last, they moved the video game much better. After mins of video clip proof, refusal to recognize an interested ping-pong objective Benzemas refused to reject to identify (45.) after mins of video clip proof.

On the various other hand, Ibrahima Konaté and also Virgil van Dijk held the genuine offensive on the brief chain, and also the 2014 world champ Kroos originally brought no remainder in the framework, but later played securely. The high passes on very marker Karim Benzema or Vinicius were at first obstructed, Liverpool 8: 0 goal shots.

Real Madrid hits the first shot

Carlo Ancelotti for that reason strained increased with the jaw of his chewing periodontal, yet the genuine coach supported: Vinicius Junior actually struck the initial shot.

The Reds followers drove their team ahead undistorted after the break. Madrid was awake this moment from the beginning and also continued the good last phase of the initial half, but the danger of scoring almost only emitted Liverpool, Trent Alexander-Arnold was a constant problem.

Mohamed Salah (16th) had the initial great chance in falling, Sadio Mané, that was fiercely traded at Bayern Munich, only struck the inner blog post (21st) due to the fact that Courtois responded magnificent for the initial time.

: After half an hour, the royal had arrived in the last, they relocated the video game better. Klopp and Liverpool were tested, however after a short shock phase they went to Courtois, yet they anticipated an additional 3 times versus Salah (64. Actual did not use the counterattacks, which indicates that Liverpool continued to be in the video game up until the end.

Klopp and also Liverpool were tested, but after a brief shock phase they mosted likely to Courtois, however they parried one more three times versus Salah (64./ 69./ 82.). Genuine did not use the counterattacks, which indicates that Liverpool remained in the video game till the end.

It was a redemption for the royal. All coworkers stormed on Vinicius, the substitute gamers additionally ran like from their senses on the grass as well as commemorated the Brazilian.

Pokemon go: Alola-kokowewewere im konter-guid

Attention shiny hunters! In Pokémon Go you can find Alola-Kokowei in the animal 3 raids and with luck it will be shown in its dazzling variant! And collectors should also hear! Because Owei can only be developed into a normal cocowei. Alola-Kokowei is therefore a rare appearance and should definitely be caught! So go off and grab the Pokémon of the type plant and dragon; Here you have counter-tips for the fight in the counter guide to Alola-Kokowei.

Alola-Kokowei as raid boss

Alola-Kokowei is from the dual type of plant and dragon and therefore has a very large weakness against attack attacks. If you fight with ice attacks, so you are well prepared for it! Attacks of the type of ice cream are only booed in snow, but even without the active weather effect you are already well positioned against Alola-Kokowei. If you do not have such a large or powerful selection when it comes to ice attackers, then do not despise, because Alola-Kokowei has five more weaknesses: Flight (is being borne in wind), poison (is being borne with a covered sky), beetle (is Boosted in rain), dragon (is being borne in the wind) and fairy (is booed with a covered sky). The attackers of these guys are not as strong as ice attacks, but they are still very powerful. Alola-Kokowei meet you at 19,053 CP and is therefore a somewhat harder chunk. Below you will find a list of the best counterattack against Alola-Kokowei.

Crypto Mamutel * with powder snow and avalanche
Crypto Snibunna with ice splinter and avalanche
Crypto Mewtu with psycho blade and ice ray
Galar-Flampivian * with ice tooth and avalanche
Mega-Rexblisar with powder snow and meteorologist
Mamutel with powder snow and avalanche
Glaziola * with ice cream and avalanche
Crypto Arktos with iceodem and ice ray
Snibunna with ice splinter and avalanche
Mewtu * with psycho blade and ice ray
crypto brutalanda with dragon rod and tantrum
Crypto Ho-oh with strength reserve and dive
Arctillas * with ice tooth and avalanche
Crypto Rexblisar with powder snow and meteorologist
Crypto Porygon-Z with strength reserve and blizzard

Pokémon GO: Alola-Kokowei catch

Once you have defeated Alola-Kokowei, the Kürpokéball will follow after the obligation! At level 20, the second generation Pokémon has 1722 CP with a 100%value. If the Pokémon is booed at level 25 in sunny weather or wind, it has 2153 CP with perfect 100%values. We wish you a successful hunt!

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All achievements for Destroy All Humans! Supplement “Bistens of Clones”

Destroy all people!-Clone Carnage is a separate loaded content for the game Destroy All Humans! remake. Some of the following achievements are explicitly mentioned that Destroy All Humans requires a multi-user regime!-Clone Carnage, so if you want them, you need to play well in multi-user mode. Total 38 achievements

  1. Excellent genes
    • Take first place in all the modes of the competition.
  2. Treasure hunter
    • Find all the hidden goals in the abduction mode.

  1. Furon veteran
    • Complete 100 network matches.
  2. Team work is all
    • Get three stars in all cooperation modes in the local game mode.
  3. beginner
    • Win one race in a multiplayer network game.
  4. counterparty
    • On the turnip farm, kidnap the agent in abduction mode.
  5. Officer Furon
    • Complete 50 network matches.
  6. Combat madman!
    • Complete all the modes of the competition.
  7. The first wanted FBI
    • Win the match in Armageddon mode.
  8. I can catch more!
    • Win the match in the “abduction” mode.
  9. Furonic rage!

Destroy All Humans - 100% Achievement/Trophy Guide & Full Walkthrough! (Part 1/3)
* Win the match in Rampage mode.
12. Air defense
* Destroy the plate once in Armageddon mode.
13. Creative choice of weapons
* Kill another player using the chicken.
14. Riot of justice
* Complete the local match in Rampage mode.
15. Early bird
* Be the first to sit aboard the UFO in Armageddon mode.
16. Stunning beauty
* Use PK to stun another player in a multi-user online game.
17. Newbie in supergons already on the way
* Complete the online Match in the race mode.

  1. Destroy everything
    • Complete the online Match in Armageddon mode.
  2. Take and throw it away!
    • Complete the online Match in the “abduction” mode.
  3. Building beginner
    • Complete the online Match in Rampage mode.
  4. Newbie in the race
    • Complete the local match in the race.
  5. Apocalypse for beginners
    • Complete the local match in Armageddon mode.
  6. The abduction of the recruit
    • Complete the local match in the “abduction” mode.
  7. Supporting saucers
    • Kill another player by managing a UFO.
  8. Airborne Furon
    • Push 99.99 meters or more using a jet satchel.
  9. Lost and never found
    • Capture a cube of glasses while any other player is dead.
  10. not able to swim
    • Once drown in the water.
  11. Hot delivery
    • Using a PC, catch a flying rocket.
  12. My head is spinning!
    • Get a stunning from another player.
  13. The perfect combination
    • Kill another player in a network multiplam game while he is stunned.
  14. meteorite
    • Sturge another player in a network multiplayer game, managing a UFO.
  15. Ace in the sleeve
    • Use a quantum deconstructor.
  16. at eleventh o’clock
    • Get to the drone in the race after the first player finishes the course.
  17. Medic !!
    • Revivate another player in an online mode.
  18. This is not a garbage bucket!
    • Throw the wrong item in a beam in abduction mode.
  19. Bombs love your team work most of all
    • Kill 10 enemies with one shot from an ion detonator.
  20. reckless
    • Have a total number of deaths 10 in the match.
  21. Everything is natural
    • Play online Match without any improvement.

For more games, as with aliens Destroy All Humans! Check out the Roblox Alien Shooter codes or Robloox Alien Shooter simulator codes here, in the Pro game manual!

Boss leaders V Ringing Meredith The Bright Archer

Meredith a bright archer-a formidable adversary that you will encounter when you reach the 52nd level. This leadership explains in detail everything, from the search to the victory over Meredith a bright archer in V Riding.

V Ringing Meredith The Bright Archer Location

Grey's Anatomy 14x07 Meredith Wins The Harper Avery Award and Calls Christina

Like all bloody bosses, you will need to use the blood altar to find Meredith.

To create an altar of blood, you first need to perform a hunting quest, and then you will get a drawing of the blood altar that you can create using 180 stones and 10 blood essences.

When you have an altar of blood, you can scroll down and find Meredith, a bright archer. Usually it moves in the area of the ghostly iron mine on the Danly farm or may be in a nearby area.

Recommended equipment to defeat Meredith a bright ray in V Riding

Although you can use any equipment that you want, if you want to simplify the task, here are the recommended items that you will need before the battle with Meredith, a bright archer.

Filling your arsenal with iron and woolen equipment is the best way before the battle with Meredith, a bright ray. Along with this, be sure to carry some protective skills with you, as they will help you block its deadly arrows.

How to defeat Meredith a bright archer in V Riding

The best strategy for winning any enemy is to first study his attack scheme and formulate his strategy in accordance with it. In the same way, if you want to defeat Meredith a bright archer, you will need to understand what she can do.

She can do the following types of attacks

Simple arrow: * This is a simple arrow that Meredith can let in in any direction.
Blessed shot of arrows: A special type arrow that can stun you when contact.
Rain from arrows: Call of arrows from the sky circular aoe.
A swift attack in close combat: * Meredith will rush forward and strike in close combat.
The call of the warrior: * She can also call two warriors who can attack in close combat.

Now that you know what attacks it can do, the next thing you need to do is to take it to the mine area where there are no other enemies that could support it, because they can prevent your ability to kill Meredith..

Take it to a relatively open place where you have a place to move and evade its attacks. If Meredith uses his ability to call a warrior, be sure to kill them first.

After that, make as many distant attacks as you can, and no matter what happens, evade her arrows, since they cause great damage. Her dashing hand -to -hand attack can be taken on the forehead, since her damage is insignificant.

Determine from her arrows and attack when you can. Patience is what will lead you to the path of victory. Continue repeating until you win.

Although there is another way to kill Meredith. This is a kind of non -traditional way when you can take it to that part of the map where you will also meet the uninitiated commander.

As soon as they see each other, they will begin to fight, and you can get out of there. You can return a little later and find both of them with a low HP.

This is your chance to kill two birds with one stone with one shot and easily defeat both of them.

V Ringing Meredith The Bright Archer Boss Awards

You will receive the next item after defeating Meredith a bright archer.

  • Vampire power – sanguine cell
  • Recipe – wool thread

Six new works, including Naraka Mobile, Netize Connect 2022

Netays Games held ‘Netize Connect 2022’, which will announce its new and existing game updates on the 20th. At this event, Harry Potter: Harry Potter: Awakened Magic, Naraka Blade Point, Dead By Daylight Mobile, as well as six new works, and other game studios such as Nagoshi Studio, Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. Various information such as global studio and collaboration plan was disclosed.

The event was conducted by IGN JAPAN’s Daniel Robson and Esra Krabbe, and it was available in two languages in Japanese and English. In the first corner, Nagoshi Studio, Grasshopper Studio and Behind the Story, Netare Games introduced how Netare Games is working with developers to achieve creative and high levels of development goals.

In addition, Dead By Daylight △ Life After △ Naraka Blade Point △ Lord of the Rings: The beginning of the war, △ Harry Potter: New beta test for waking magic, new beta tests, new expansion and characters have been provided..

Dead By Daylight Mobile -Update on Dead By Daylight Mobile will soon be announced in the West.

Life After -The new gameplay mode, costume, and much more challenging battles that have not been available in the end of the century are newly expanded. For more information, please visit the official website.

△ Infinite Lagrangju -After the ‘Earth Day’ event, the new content of ‘Identity Agreement’ will be added in the latest update of Infinite Lagrang. Other explorers have different missions and settlement goals. In addition, the concept of ‘Legacy’ is incorporated into the game from this summer, allowing users to search for legacy items and use them to develop their forces. For more information, please refer to the official website.

△ Bad Landers -Next -generation Survival Shooting Game, Badlanders, has added a completely new escape equipment. The user becomes the last one and wins the victory by bringing as many loot on the battlefield. Since then, users can get more opportunities to accumulate wealth by creating their own weapons with advanced equipment with new free trade functions that buy and sell items. For more information, please refer to the official website.

△ Fifth personality -Japan’s steam punk circle ‘Kamata Mitsuji’ and new collaboration will appear in the game with new costumes. For more information, please refer to the official website.

△ Naraka Blade Point-The mobile version has been released along with the new character ‘Takeda’, which will be added in the next season. Takeda is wearing a samurai armor and suppresses her inner demons, but in the battle, he can liberate the power of the demon and spread the onslaught. For more information, please refer to the official site.

The Lord of the Rings: The Beginning of War -Warner Bros and MidDle -Earth Enterprises, and the strategy -based strategy based on Netere is a completely new season with a variety of fun that reflects the festivals and cultures of the middle -aged festivals and culture It is adding a powerful charm. In the midsummer festival, let’s work with Gandalf to make fireworks, or to add strength to the Hobbit’s favorite dishes. For more information, please refer to the official website.

△ Ace Racer-The second beta test of this over the top racing game, which allows cars to penetrate the walls, transform while driving, and even launch rockets into the sky, will be held in June this year. For more information, please visit the game Facebook, Twitter and Discords.

△ Viking Guard -Midsummer is the brightest and most daring time. Vikings safely plant crops and voyage to fight in other lands. The new expansion ‘Midsummer’ will appear in the Viking Guard this June. It’s time to act at risk. For more information, please refer to the official website.

△ Lost Light -A post -apocalypse background based on the concept of ‘survival, battle, and advancement’ is a survival shooting game for mobile, and strategy is the most important in the limited area. All decisions that users make affect their ultimate destiny. In Lost Light, users can build shelters directly in fierce battles and collect items through battle or trade. The first beta test of iOS will be held in the third quarter of this year. For more information, please refer to the official website.

△ Harry Potter: Awakened Magic -This immersive collection card RPG can be enjoyed by users around the world from 2022 on PCs and mobile. If you want more information, you can find the official Facebook.

In addition, in Netize Connect, 2 vs 4 competition infiltration games ‘Mission Zero’, thrilling SF game ‘Once Be Human’ Many new games have been released.

△ Mission Zero -A 2 vs 4 competition infiltration game like a movie where users become invaders or chasers. Let’s participate in the hide and see -and -seek game. It is disguised as an invader, steals information using special equipment, exits a narrow exit, and exposes the intruder with the ability of the pursuit to stop the mission. Technology tests will be held in Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia from July 8 this year. For more information, please refer to Mission Zero’s official website (pre -registered), Facebook, Discord, YouTube, and Twitter.

△ ZOZ: FINAL HOUR -In this third -person shooting game with reversal, 15 mercenaries infiltrate San Yager cities with zombies to collect valuable Blood crystals and defeat undead. Dying during the game does not mean ‘gameover’, and users are resurrected to zombies with completely new technology and infinite response. Currently, ZOZ: Final Hour is undergoing local tests. For more information, please refer to the official website.

Naraka: Bladepoint Mobile (NetEase) Gameplay Trailer
△ Once Be Human -After 30 years, once Be Human, set in the background of civilization, opens a mysterious door, Stardust pollutes the world and creates a group of monsters. However, Beyonder, a human being who has become a hunter instead of prey with a special power to overturn the plate, becomes a light of hope. If you want more information, please follow this new and bizarre survival game at the IGN Summer of Gaming event this June. For more information about Once Be Human, it will be released on Facebook and Twitter soon.

△ Tank Company -Online multiplayer game with a large battle of 15 vs 15 in various maps, and a historic tank of World War II and the Cold War. Users can team up with friends or join the clan to explore the game map. Please take advantage of the terrain to participate in tactical battles in various game modes. Pre -registration is proceeded through the official Tank Company website.

For the next few months, information on additional updates and collaborations with global studios will continue to be released for the next few months. The VOD of the Netare Connect 2022 can be viewed on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube.

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