Steam users have been surprised with a new free game. From now on May 2, Alper Gonen and Dogan Dipcin have made their game, Mido and Di, free for all Steam users, without conditions. Normally, the game only costs $ 5.99, so savings are not huge, but free is free. That said, if the game is worth it, well, Steam users reviews are divided.

The game, which was launched last November, has 64 user reviews in the digital store and, considering that it has no reviews in Metacritic, this is the only information that potential players have about their quality. Of the 64 reviews, 60 percent of them qualify the game positively, which gives the game a “mixed” user review score.

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Next, you can read more about the game and also see an official advance of the game:

«I am an extraterrestrial child who has nightmares about zombie aliens. One night he draws a creature, Di, and comes alive to teach him how to fight the zombies, ”reads an official launch of the game. «Mido and Di was a brief animation project that we wrote but we could not complete almost 15 years ago. This game is based on that story, but the story does not play an important role in the game. This is a frantic action, in the third person., zombie shooting set. You play at simplistic and beautiful levels, trying to shoot zombie aliens before they catch you. Zombies aliens come in waves, as a tower defense game, but this is a third person look at that mechanic. You have three different weapons and are very fun to use. Combining ice and fire weapons, you can even get zombie coins. With these coins the weapons improvements ».

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