Riot Games (Korea CEO Hyuk -jin Cho) said that Korea’s representative ‘Dudu’ Kim Wan -soo took third place and ‘Uul -ri’ Lee Woo -jung ranked fourth in the TFT machine and device championship held from April 29 to May 1. I revealed it.

‘Dudu’ Kim Wan -soo and ‘Ulli -jung’ Lee Woo -jung advanced to the round of 16 with 12th and 14th in the 32th round held on April 29, respectively.

Kim Wan -soo and Lee Woo -jung scored second and eighth in the round of 16, which was held on the second day of April 30, respectively.

Kim Wan -soo scored six points in the first round of the final day, which was held on the last day.

TFT Worlds 2022 Grand finals game 3 day 3 Set 6.5

Kim Wan -soo, who scored seven points in the third round, aimed for a reversal in the last round, but gave the first place to Liluo Lee Kwang -chan. Kim Wan -soo was ranked third with a total of 24 points, and Lee Woo -jung finished the championship schedule with fourth place with 17 points.

The championship went to China’s representative ‘Liluo’ Lee Kwang -chan. Li Kwang -chan reached the top with the overwhelming record of both the round of 16 and the final round on the second day. China has won two consecutive victories by winning the ‘Machine and Device Championship’ following the ‘Judgment Championship’.

The winning Lee Kwang -chan was awarded a $ 48,000 prize of $ 48,000 and a large golden flipped trophy plated with 24K pure money. Kim Wan -soo, who won third place, won the third place $ 18,000 (about 22.3 million won), and Lee Woo -jung, who won the fourth place, won $ 16,000.