In this edition of strong video game journalism, vigilance 2 players are driving up for Tracer‘s butt. After many years of waiting, vigilance 2 Beta is now in full swing and allows players to see how Blizzard has improved the title since the launch of the first game. Supervisión is one of the most beloved shooting games of the last decade and generated a large number of followers, many of which were involved in tradition and the characters that make the game quite special. That said, some fans are convinced that Tracer, one of the most iconic characters, has had a remarkable change.

Earlier this week, a Twitter user tweet @vulturfakes showed an image of tracer in vigilance 2 and the rear of it is… quite small. Some fans took the answers and cited tweets with indignation, with one suggesting that there was perhaps a reduction and that Tracer was “designed”, which sends the type of wrong message about body positivity. This sent a little frenzy to the Internet, but there was no change in the character. Tracer has always had a small butt. Twitter User Melonie Mac compared the character in both games and noticed that he has always seen himself. Some have speculated that people thought that Tracer has more curves due to several fans art pieces and… other “creative” uses of her that do not have the official Blizzard support. As he is, Tracer is still the same person as before.

Despite this brief moment of controversy, vigilance 2 is being well received by its fans base. There is still no concrete release date for the game, but Blizzard promised to decoupling the PVP part of the PVE things game, so players can experience the game before instead of having to wait for the full package. The developer has not shown too much of the PVE content mentioned above, so it may be further than people expect.

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