Max Payne 3 The soundtrack of Sea with New Music of the Health band to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the game. Max Payne 3 was launched on May 15, 2012 for Xbox 360 and PS3 with a PC release that same year. It was the last rockstar game before the absurd success of _grand Theft Auto V and left many crying for more. Max’s last departure was a resounding success, despite being the first and only series game that was not developed by Remedy Entertainment. The game seemed to close Max’s story, but that has not prevented fans from asking Rockstar to take them for the last time with the cynical former policeman.

It remains to be seen if that happens or not, but Rockstar is aware that there is still a audience dedicated to Max Payne. The acclaimed developer announced today that a new relaunch of Health’s amazing Max Payne 3 The score is on its way. The new version of the soundtrack, entitled M _axe Payne 3 – The official soundtrack (anniversary edition),will be launched in vinyl and transmission services at the end of this year and will include unpublished music of the band. Health’s music received praise for the distinctive sound that brought Max Payne. The most acclaimed song of the game band, Tears, sounds at the final level and helps unite many of the trilogy themes. The song was so successful that the band still touches it to this day in live shows. In a statement, the band reflected on their time with the beloved rockstar shooter. “When we started working in the score of Max Payne 3, we could not have planned the transcendental effect that it would have on the trajectory of our band and the music we do,” said Health. “Now, 10 years later, we remain as proud as always of being part of the story.”

Remedy Entertainment and Rockstar Games announced new versions of Max Payne 1 and 2 earlier this year, so fans can expect some modernized action by Max Payne in the coming years. At this time, there are no important details or even a launch window for the game, but it is exciting to know that Max will remain alive.

Max Payne 3: Full Official Soundtrack - From start to finish.

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