Meredith a bright archer-a formidable adversary that you will encounter when you reach the 52nd level. This leadership explains in detail everything, from the search to the victory over Meredith a bright archer in V Riding.

V Ringing Meredith The Bright Archer Location

Grey's Anatomy 14x07 Meredith Wins The Harper Avery Award and Calls Christina

Like all bloody bosses, you will need to use the blood altar to find Meredith.

To create an altar of blood, you first need to perform a hunting quest, and then you will get a drawing of the blood altar that you can create using 180 stones and 10 blood essences.

When you have an altar of blood, you can scroll down and find Meredith, a bright archer. Usually it moves in the area of the ghostly iron mine on the Danly farm or may be in a nearby area.

Recommended equipment to defeat Meredith a bright ray in V Riding

Although you can use any equipment that you want, if you want to simplify the task, here are the recommended items that you will need before the battle with Meredith, a bright archer.

Filling your arsenal with iron and woolen equipment is the best way before the battle with Meredith, a bright ray. Along with this, be sure to carry some protective skills with you, as they will help you block its deadly arrows.

How to defeat Meredith a bright archer in V Riding

The best strategy for winning any enemy is to first study his attack scheme and formulate his strategy in accordance with it. In the same way, if you want to defeat Meredith a bright archer, you will need to understand what she can do.

She can do the following types of attacks

Simple arrow: * This is a simple arrow that Meredith can let in in any direction.
Blessed shot of arrows: A special type arrow that can stun you when contact.
Rain from arrows: Call of arrows from the sky circular aoe.
A swift attack in close combat: * Meredith will rush forward and strike in close combat.
The call of the warrior: * She can also call two warriors who can attack in close combat.

Now that you know what attacks it can do, the next thing you need to do is to take it to the mine area where there are no other enemies that could support it, because they can prevent your ability to kill Meredith..

Take it to a relatively open place where you have a place to move and evade its attacks. If Meredith uses his ability to call a warrior, be sure to kill them first.

After that, make as many distant attacks as you can, and no matter what happens, evade her arrows, since they cause great damage. Her dashing hand -to -hand attack can be taken on the forehead, since her damage is insignificant.

Determine from her arrows and attack when you can. Patience is what will lead you to the path of victory. Continue repeating until you win.

Although there is another way to kill Meredith. This is a kind of non -traditional way when you can take it to that part of the map where you will also meet the uninitiated commander.

As soon as they see each other, they will begin to fight, and you can get out of there. You can return a little later and find both of them with a low HP.

This is your chance to kill two birds with one stone with one shot and easily defeat both of them.

V Ringing Meredith The Bright Archer Boss Awards

You will receive the next item after defeating Meredith a bright archer.

  • Vampire power – sanguine cell
  • Recipe – wool thread