Announced just under a year ago, Destroy All Humans Remake will be landed this summer. The beginnings of this series were published in June 2005, so the remaster will just miss the 15th anniversary within a month. This news is topical, since the Pentagon has just downgraded UFO images. The announcement of the release date was accompanied by a new trailer, which shows the reworked graphics and an anchoring of news from the 1950s prelude to the events of the game. The game is available in pre-order now.

The trailer begins with a black and white news segment on the possibility of an extraterrestrial life. The perspective of this idea is very positive and hopeful about meeting human and extraterrestrial races. Unfortunately for this anchor of news, the subject of the gameplay is not as friendly as he had hoped. We see a new gameplay, or rather polite, of crypto using the different weapons and tools of its arsenal. One of the objectives of this trailer is the cost of disguise. Since then, this remake has used new models of improved characters. An effort is made to show the different human disguises that Crypto can use.

PS4 - Destroy All Humans! Trailer (E3 2019)

You can pre -order the game now, and you can also consult special collection editions available. Destroy All Humans is about to go out on July 28 for PC, Stadia, Xbox One and PS4.

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