Destroy all people!-Clone Carnage is a separate loaded content for the game Destroy All Humans! remake. Some of the following achievements are explicitly mentioned that Destroy All Humans requires a multi-user regime!-Clone Carnage, so if you want them, you need to play well in multi-user mode. Total 38 achievements

  1. Excellent genes
    • Take first place in all the modes of the competition.
  2. Treasure hunter
    • Find all the hidden goals in the abduction mode.

  1. Furon veteran
    • Complete 100 network matches.
  2. Team work is all
    • Get three stars in all cooperation modes in the local game mode.
  3. beginner
    • Win one race in a multiplayer network game.
  4. counterparty
    • On the turnip farm, kidnap the agent in abduction mode.
  5. Officer Furon
    • Complete 50 network matches.
  6. Combat madman!
    • Complete all the modes of the competition.
  7. The first wanted FBI
    • Win the match in Armageddon mode.
  8. I can catch more!
    • Win the match in the “abduction” mode.
  9. Furonic rage!

Destroy All Humans - 100% Achievement/Trophy Guide & Full Walkthrough! (Part 1/3)
* Win the match in Rampage mode.
12. Air defense
* Destroy the plate once in Armageddon mode.
13. Creative choice of weapons
* Kill another player using the chicken.
14. Riot of justice
* Complete the local match in Rampage mode.
15. Early bird
* Be the first to sit aboard the UFO in Armageddon mode.
16. Stunning beauty
* Use PK to stun another player in a multi-user online game.
17. Newbie in supergons already on the way
* Complete the online Match in the race mode.

  1. Destroy everything
    • Complete the online Match in Armageddon mode.
  2. Take and throw it away!
    • Complete the online Match in the “abduction” mode.
  3. Building beginner
    • Complete the online Match in Rampage mode.
  4. Newbie in the race
    • Complete the local match in the race.
  5. Apocalypse for beginners
    • Complete the local match in Armageddon mode.
  6. The abduction of the recruit
    • Complete the local match in the “abduction” mode.
  7. Supporting saucers
    • Kill another player by managing a UFO.
  8. Airborne Furon
    • Push 99.99 meters or more using a jet satchel.
  9. Lost and never found
    • Capture a cube of glasses while any other player is dead.
  10. not able to swim
    • Once drown in the water.
  11. Hot delivery
    • Using a PC, catch a flying rocket.
  12. My head is spinning!
    • Get a stunning from another player.
  13. The perfect combination
    • Kill another player in a network multiplam game while he is stunned.
  14. meteorite
    • Sturge another player in a network multiplayer game, managing a UFO.
  15. Ace in the sleeve
    • Use a quantum deconstructor.
  16. at eleventh o’clock
    • Get to the drone in the race after the first player finishes the course.
  17. Medic !!
    • Revivate another player in an online mode.
  18. This is not a garbage bucket!
    • Throw the wrong item in a beam in abduction mode.
  19. Bombs love your team work most of all
    • Kill 10 enemies with one shot from an ion detonator.
  20. reckless
    • Have a total number of deaths 10 in the match.
  21. Everything is natural
    • Play online Match without any improvement.

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