1C Entertainment has unveiled a game play trailer for the Audvyr Studio-developed action adventure The Fold: Ingression by developers who worked on Through The Woods.

This game is a single play work developed from a first-person perspective. We are planning to respond to Japanese.

It should be a simple job in the old church on the seaside…


In this work, which includes the horror of American writer H. P. Love Craft’s works and the elements of Scandinavian mythology known for the creation of Cthulhu mythology, the player is a Norwegian youth Amund VREIM for more than a thousand years for a part-time job. Go to an old church on the seaside, which was built in the previous Viking era. It was an easy-to-use part-time job of pest extermination, but it would face strange and terrible events unexpectedly.

Game Play Video First Released

This time, in the public gameplay video, from a seemingly quiet environment, visiting the church gradually worsens, and gained mysterious abilities due to events that occur in a place where powerful power is likely to hide. You can check how to use it.

It is said that this work is the first work of the THE FOLD series.

The Fold: Ingression, which is said to have multiple endings in multiple environments, will be released on Steam in the fourth quarter of 2022 for PCs. Steam also describes Japanese support at this time.