Highwater is developed Demagog and Rogue Games is published. This narrative game explores the destroyed world, which is located in the game Golf Club: Wastland. That’s all we know about Hywitter.

everything we know about Hywitter

What is the release date of Highwater?

Highwater has a release window in 2022, but besides this, little is known about it. You can follow the official Demagogue Twitter studio.

What platforms will Highwater be on?


Highwater was first presented during Summer Game Fest 2022, but it was not reported on the platforms. This information will probably be disclosed in the coming months.

What is the highway?

Little is known about Hyvotere, but he explores the destroyed land, which was flooded and destroyed. Players must solve puzzles and survive if they want to get on board one of the missiles leaving the planet.

tidal water trailer

You can see the Highwater trailer with Summer Game Fest 2022 on the official website. Thegameaward YouTube Channel.

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